Thursday, September 08, 2011

Blue Skies Smiling at Me

As I drove home from doing interviews today, I felt almost giddy. The wind and the rain from tropical storm Lee made the sky look as clear as the glass of a well kept aquarium. 
Taking pictures while driving is rarely a good idea, but there were no cars behind me or in front of me so I thought I'd shoot this picture.
And without realizing it, I began to hum the Willie Nelson version of the Irvin Berlin song, Blue Skies.
When I got home, I took a nice nap. When I woke up, I knocked out two pieces that were due tomorrow.
Smugish (is that a word?), is how I felt. 
I'm trying to decided if I want to go fishing for a while tomorrow, or work around the house.
There is a great deal that needs to be done here, but then there's the issue with my knees and as I've said in a recent post, the doctor feels that the cold water is therapeutic. 
The weatherman says that tomorrow should be as nice as today so in reality, time spent in the garden or at the barn would probably be just as healthful as fishing.

Blue Skies Lyrics

I was blue, just as blue as I could be
Ev'ry day was a cloudy day for me
Then good luck came a-knocking at my door
Skies were gray but they're not gray anymore

Blue skies
Smiling at me
Nothing but blue skies
Do I see

Singing a song
Nothing but bluebirds
All day long

Never saw the sun shining so bright
Never saw things going so right
Noticing the days hurrying by
When you're in love, my how they fly

Blue days
All of them gone
Nothing but blue skies
From now on

I should care if the wind blows east or west
I should fret if the worst looks like the best
I should mind if they say it can't be true
I should smile, that's exactly what I do


  1. loving your writing ...btw ..I do take pics traveling down the highway ....

  2. Thanks and I'm glad I'm not alone.

  3. I've snapped a few myself. A little more dangerous on So Cal freeways, I guess. What a glorious sky though! Just beautiful.

  4. Actually, I was driving down the road and saw you snapping photos. I tried to text you to tell you not to endanger yourself and others with such activity.

    BTW, I LOVE that Willie Nelson version of Blue Skies - love that whole Stardust album!

  5. Anonymous1:08 AM

    Ima glad you are ok,but betet not shoot pictures while you are driving.Anyhow skies are really pretty and the lyricks suit it;))

  6. My money's on you going fishing :-)

  7. Anonymous3:42 AM

    thank you for following my blog :)
    i like reading personal posts and the skies are nicely captured...

  8. Anonymous6:36 AM

    Therapy first, work later.

  9. Hope you go fishing!

    Take care

  10. i would love to do the things you do sir. seems like you put your heart on it... can i join the ride one time? LOL!


    btw, love that pic. looks like cotton candies flowing on the sky...

  11. I LOOVE that song! Love the picture.

  12. Yeah, boy - I'll munch to nothing but blue skies from now on.

    Have a great day - Marsha

  13. Now you have me singin' Blue Skies and I can hear Willie's voice in my head, which is probably better than listening to my own. Welcome to Women: We Shall Overcome.


  14. I'm late with my comments...but could use a reminder of blue skies today! :)


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