Friday, September 02, 2011

Time with friends

We have out of town sleep-over company coming tomorrow after the Bama game so we're engaged in a "tidying up" frenzy just now.
Our house is clean, but sometimes it's, how do you say.......unkempt.
Jilda's closet is in our guest bedroom so when we're not having guests, which is most of the time, the room gets a little cluttered.
We're really busy tomorrow, and the guests will arrive some time after lunch, so tonight we're scurrying around like chimps cranked up on Mountain Dew and lemon cake from Mary's Cakes in Northport.
My jobs include replacing blown light bulbs, hauling out empty boxes (Jilda gets a lot of packages delivered by the man in brown, and to be honest, I'm a little concerned that our delivery guy (who looks like he works out) seems a little too familiar with my spouse when he brings packages to our house....perhaps I've said too much about that), and dusting the ceiling fan.
I have to stand on the arm of the couch to reach the fan. Thank goodness for yoga balance poses, because otherwise I could fall and break a were was I? 
Oh yes, the fan -- when I cleaned the fan, dust bunnies as big as feed store rats fell down.  Where does that stuff come from and why does it hang around on my ceiling fan? 
To be honest, our friends could care less that our house is cluttered. We've been to their house before when the maid was on vacation (hey, maybe that's an explanation I could use) and their house was a wreck.
They are really coming to visit us and ten years from now what they will remember is the fellowship, the food, the music we played, the lies we told, and the fun we had just being with each other.
So tonight, we called it quits. We're both sitting here tapping away at our keyboards, and soon we'll be thanking the Good Lord we have a place to clutter up, and friends that we can look forward to spending time with.
Take care and have a remarkable weekend.


  1. We'll be doing that "tidy up" thing tomorrow before the gang arrives for dinner and to celebrate My Honey's birthday. :))

  2. Anonymous9:12 PM

    So true..people visit US not our house. At least, I HOPE that's true.

  3. Wish I could say "Go Bama", but I'm a Seminole Fan (and alum). Enjoy your evening/weekend/yaddi, yaddi, yadda!

  4. It's a wise person who knows "good enough" is actually more welcoming than "perfect". Have a great weekend!

  5. I used to stress when things weren't perfect for company or a family gathering. As I've gotten older I've realized, like you, that NO ONE will remember how clean the house was. They WILL remember being made to feel welcome, the good company, good food, and relaxing with friends, so I try to concentrate on that.

  6. It's with age and wisdom, or age and lessened stamina, I've realized there is a time when good enough IS good enough. You are so right, friends, good friends, come to enjoy our company.

    But how do those dust bunnies get on the ceiling fans and why?

    Have a great weekend and ummm ck my blog Sat AM all I'm saying is GEAUX TIGERS!

  7. I agree with all of the above.
    Unfortunately I really AM having to tidy up, because we are just about to put our house up for sale.

    *sigh* and then we'll have to KEEP it tidy!

  8. Cleaning is never fun! I think I may have a room like your lovely Jilda. You are so right they will remember the food the goodtimes and the great stories. Have a wonderful weekend and have a greand time with your guest!

  9. Anonymous12:52 AM

    My cottage is small so I have to keep it tidy to stay sane.Lucky the grounds are big and we are out there whenver possible:)You will be alright(dont blame Jill's clsoet:P
    As long as you have good time.Hope only you are all fans of teh same team:)

  10. Loved your line about scurrying around like chimps .... I could just visualize it. Isn't it funny how we all do that when people are coming to stay and run around like scalded chickens!! We have friends just coming around for lunch tomorrow, and I want everything to look just right. I always think to myself, when will you learn?! They're good friends, and they're coming for the company, with good food. They're not going to be looking to see if there is any dust on your skirting boards!!

  11. I hope you have a wonderful time, and I hope the 'right' team wins the game :-)

  12. I'm sure they are more concerned about chatting w/ you than looking at messes! I hate cleaning myself!

  13. Jilda is beautiful - so of course should get lots of attention! Yay!

    Take care

  14. Ok, so maybe the delivery guy is buff, but he probably can't write worth beans, and likely could not spell c-a-t if you spotted hime the C and the A.

    Just sayin' - you and Jilda enjoy your friends. :)

  15. So glad to know that I'm not the only one who stokes up with Mt. Dew for the purposes of a late-night cleaning fest!

  16. Stacks of books and dust bunnies are the things that tend to grow in my house when my back is turned.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  17. You have IT EXACTLY RIGHT!


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