Monday, September 05, 2011

When it rains

We drove through torrential rain today to pick up some equipment for the sound system we're assembling.
Our friend Fred usually does the sound when we play but he can't always go. He's not retired, and unfortunately he enjoys eating from time to time, so he still has to work.
So he gave me a list of equipment that's simple to operate that we can use when Jilda and I have to do our own sound.
Last night when I posted, the rain had just moved in and was as welcome as an old friend we haven't seen in years.
Today, not so much. My brother-in-law has a rain gauge that measures up to 10 inches of precipitation.
He dumped the gauge once, and it's filling up again. When we talked to him a few hours ago, we've had 12 inches in less that 24 hours.
This afternoon we drove to my sister's house about 10 miles away and several places between here and there, the water was rushing across the road. Luckily it was only a few inches, but by now I'm sure it's dangerous to drive that route.
At my sister's house, Zoe, my great niece (and my sister's granddaughter), had to model the berets that my sister had knitted.
The rain is supposed to move off to the north tomorrow which is probably a good thing.
I had to put on my raincoat, go down to the chicken pen and put life vests on all the chickens.
I promised myself that I would not complain, and I will not do it here -- but when it rains, it pours.


  1. Perhaps you can teach those chickens to do the back stroke?

    Zoe is a great model of berets - very cute. :)

  2. Zoe looks lovely in that cute beret. I don't know why the weather is so intense no matter what it decides to do! I hope you don't get flooding.

  3. I would love a hat like that.

    12 inches of rain? I'll stop complaining about the constant rain I'm getting, I doubt it's anywhere near that :-)

  4. Anonymous1:25 AM

    At least you had enough rain.Your niece is such a lovely kid.Before I read a story she immediately caught my eye;)

  5. Awwww you know you have a beautiful pic there of your adorable great neice with her beret - but YOU DIDN'T GET PICS OF YOUR CHICKENS IN LIFE VESTS!?!?!?!

    :-) Just sayin!

    take care

  6. Did you really put your chickens in vests? *chuckles*

    Raining everywhere here. Miserable. Best stay indoors :)

  7. Anonymous6:51 AM

    It seems that this year mother nature has forgotten the old mantra of "all things in moderation".
    Nice beret...cute kid.

  8. rain...sigh. i fear it will never rain again and the state is going up in smoke.

  9. Zoe looks so cute!

  10. Both the beret and the model (your grandniece Zoe) are lovely.

    As for the heavy rain - I'm afraid in the years to come there'll be more to complain about. The climate is getting worse from year to year.

  11. 12 inches - of much needed rain - wish we could send some to Texas! sandie

  12. Cute beret and a cutie wearing it! I think we're getting your rain tonight. I'm just happy the temps are cool! I'll warn my neighbors that they should get the chickens ready with vests...Thanks!

  13. Thanks for the comments y'all. It's still raining here, but the pace has slowed considerable.
    The temps were in the low 60's today. I wore shorts and a long-sleeve turtle neck.

    That Zoe is as sweet as she is cute. I'm crazy about that youngun'

  14. Send the rain here! I'm begging you!


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