Monday, September 12, 2011

It's The Time Of The Season

We walked early this morning. Even though the temps are still moderate, the humidity is inching up. 
I can tell that autumn is closing in because the hummingbirds are zipping around like they've been snorting cocaine and drinking Mountain Dews. (Did that put an image in your head?)
We rounded the field and was about to start on the third lap when I saw this monarch perched on a vine. It looked like he was taking stock of the freshly plowed patch where we intend to plant turnip greens later this week.
"You need to till that some more," I could almost hear him say. "Turnips grow better in loose soil." 
Tonight after yoga class, I sat on the back deck and admired the full moon a while before dinner. It won't be long until I'll need to wear a sweater to do that.
It also won't be long before the Monarchs head on down to South America. We're just a pitstop along the way, but I'm glad they decided to stay for a while. I can always use the advice on gardening.


  1. By Thursday of this week the high will only be in the 50's and I'll be really thinking fall is here. Enjoy the monarchs since I'm sure they've already packed the UHAULs from my neck of the woods!

  2. The harvest moon - a treasure.
    Your words tonight, art.

  3. I love monarchs. There aren't as many around here as there were years ago.

  4. Anonymous2:09 AM

    Monarchs are so beautiful to look at.Love how you describe and observe all teh beutiful things on your walks;)

  5. I need what the hummingbirds are on! LOL! Take care

  6. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Our back yard has been deserted. Our bird friends are moving on. Frost is in the forecast for later this week. Phooey!

  7. What a beautiful scene you set there. I love hummingbirds, they are so colourful and interesting.

  8. Supposed to be 103 here today in San Antonio. I think autumn is not too near for us unless we get one of those zippy cool fronts that drop the temp by 40 degrees in 20 minutes. But we have monarchs!

  9. I, too, have been snorting coke and drinking Mountain Dew. I now have 100 posts on hold for my blog. Of course, when I'm off the coke and Dew I'll discover they make no sense.


  10. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Yes, the autumn is definitely here. Here in Ireland it has become very windy and chilly already.

  11. The moon sure has been gorgeous the last couple of nights. But we don't have the gorgeous monarchs around here. So thanks for sharing the picture.

  12. Gee - I am so ready for the fall and I'm hoping things slow down a bit here.


  13. It sounds just beautiful where you live, and you paint such a lovely picture. It must be lovely to be surrounded by so much peace and quiet.

  14. I always do love the way you put humor to make every thing you see and experience fun and beautiful...

    like it!


  15. Thanks all for your kind words. My 3 year old great nephew sawvthe photo and told me that was one that he raised in his butterfly kit.

  16. The Monarchs pass thru Texas as well. I got a great shot of one of them a couple of years ago. Love this time of year!


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