Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Another Day In Paradise

Today was errand day. I was sitting in the orthopedic doc's waiting room at 7:45 this morning. I'm having a procedure which involves needles as big as kindergarten pencils shooting a substance under my kneecaps. Even the doctor winced as he gave the injection. I don't recall ever having so much fun that early in the morning.
After that I ran by to see my mom. I rarely go by that early. I think at first she thought I was a burglar in her room. She's gotten a bunch of cards and several local churches have left her gifts. I am humbled by all the kindness shown to her.
After that, I ran by and delivered autographed copies of my books to the patients who still read at the other nursing homes in Jasper and Cordova.
The next stop was to pick up pay checks. That's one of my favorite things to do. On the way into Birmingham, the clouds parted and I saw the sun for the first time since Sunday.
I smiled as I reached above the sun visor and put on my sun shades. All of a sudden, the world looked like a happier place.
After I collected my money, I ran by the Apple store and got Jilda a new iPhone. Her's old phone was about three years old and still working, but she was due for an upgrade.
I wanted to get the phone and put it in her Christmas stocking, but in order to get the upgrade, they had to deactivate her old phone. I didn't want her traveling these country roads the next few days without a phone so I gave her an early Christmas present.
All in all, it's been a good day.
I have a big decision that I've got to make over the Christmas holiday -- more later.
Y'all have a great Thursday.


  1. Boo to the kneecap trauma. Yay to visiting your mom. Yay for the early iPhone gift. Boo to keeping us in suspense. Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy every minute!

  2. Whoa...a mystery to be solved it! The injection must have worked since you "ran" all over doing those errands! I had an injection last week but I had the orthodoc do it at work. The perks of working in surgery! He didn't wince however...just that evil smile. My injection was just cortisone and I slipped in some lidocaine in the mix so the pain would be less..another perk! I'm so glad your Mom has many angels watching over her as well as a good son. Have a great Christmas and I hope Jilda loves her gift!

  3. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Ouch!! to that injection. Sounds like a misery to me. So nice that you are close to your Mom and can drop in on her.

  4. I've undergone knee injections this past October 'motor oil for the knee'or so it's nicknamed...
    They added a little Lidocaine to mine also, barely felt the needle !
    Hope Jilda enjoys her new phone...
    Stopping by to see your mum, your a good egg :)
    Wishing you and yours, a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year !

  5. Big ouch on the knee. Hope it helps. Rest of day sounded very good.

  6. What decision?!!? LOL! You tease!

    Take care

  7. :-(( I'm impressed! All of those errands done AFTER the needle... I would have run home and hid in bed under my blankets, feeling sorry for myself, for at least an hour or two. Hopefully Santa will bring you something extra nice for the holidays. Merry Christmas!

  8. Ouch Ouch Ouch! I've had those "pencil-sized" needle injections before. You have my condolences. Such a nice gesture handing out your books and a really nice gift too. The rest of your day sounds pretty darn perfect.

  9. Nice to know you could run around after those shots. Miracle drugs?

  10. Amazed at what you accomplished in a day, especially after getting that knee injection. I hope Jilda enjoys her Christmas present!


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