Saturday, December 10, 2011


I'd counted on my entry tonight being long and profound. I'm talking about words that painted pictures in the minds of readers so compelling they caused fundamental changes in lives -- changes that would help people to prosper and become better citizens of the planet. And in turn,  make the world a better place for us all.
But that didn't happen. I think it's because I ate too much peanut brittle earlier this morning. When I took a nap this afternoon, I woke up with a start and saw weird stuff out of the corner of my eyes. Kind of like I'd snorted a diet pill and chased it with a double expresso.
Have you ever woken up and wondered where you were? I have. Once when I was in the Army, I woke up mid morning, looked around, and nothing looked familier. I distinctly remember thinking, "where am I....and what's that smell?
.....OK, I think my train of thought might have derailed......
So, if you were expecting your life to change after visiting my blog tonight, I apologize. Come back tomorrow night and I promise you'll be enlightened.


  1. Oooh, nut brittle - haven't had that in years.

  2. I constantly wake up on the train and wonder if I've missed my stop! :-) Take care

  3. I din't expect my life to change, but I hoped for a smile - and I got it :-)

  4. There are days when I've missed the track completely.

  5. Okay, that was funny! I might change my life if you sent me some peanut brittle though.

  6. The mere mention of peanut brittle is life changing.


  7. I seem to be having more and more of those weird awakenings the older I get. I can use any kind of enlightenment you can offer.


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