Thursday, December 22, 2011

Blast from the past

When I was young, I thought I could whup the world.  ARRGGGG, don't mess with me or you'll receive a butt whuppin' you won't soon forget -- seems to be the look on my face in this picture.
I was standing in front of our beloved 1956 Ford. It's one of the prettiest cars my family ever owned.
It was two-town green. The top was the color of lime sherbet, and the bottom was the color of the forest in summer.
I spent a lot of time in this car. I'd sit for hours in that care pretending I was driving all over the country, while the Ford was parked in front of our house.
I can still smell the vinyl (?) seat covers and the cigarettes that daddy has snuffed out in the ashtray.
The only problem with the Ford is that it didn't like cold weather and often wouldn't crank. My daddy spoke badly of the Ford and those who'd designed and built it.
One day when I came home, there was a new car in the driveway. The only explanation was when daddy said, I need something that will crank in the winter time.
So, there. A blast from the past.


  1. Anonymous9:04 PM

    I'm an old crank in the winter..oh wait...that's not what he meant.

  2. Anonymous10:15 PM

    great post! Great photo!

  3. This will be my last read for the year before I head off to parts that are internet free for my Christmas.

    I hope your Christmas is a great one and 2012 will see opportunity knocking at your door. Often.

    Ms Soup

  4. That was a nice looking car. Cars were better for kids back then. The back seats were huge. I loved going for drives with my family. It is one of my best memories.

  5. Awww you look so sweet!! LOL!! I can only imagine the amazing green-ness of that car!

    Take care

  6. Now you give the world a whuppin' one word at a time.


  7. Great photo and story! I think the cars of my childhood had personality...the cars today all look alike!


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