Friday, December 23, 2011

The Coast

I love the coast. We live a little over 4 hours from the gulf coast and we've been there more times that I can count. The sand on the gulf is white as sugar making it hard to see on bright summer days.
When I got drafted, I had a chance to see the coastline in the northeast. The sand wasn't as white, but the rocks and the foaming surf were just as soothing to the soul.
Then later I had the good fortune to work for a company that sent me all over the country.
This photograph was taken at Pebble Beach about 10 years ago. Our niece Samantha (Jordan's mother) was about 14 and had never traveled more than a hundred miles from Empire.
She boarded the 727 airplane with us and flew to San Francisco. 
She said one of the most profound things I'd ever heard come from a child's mouth -- "You know, flying sucks the beauty right out of you."
She shot this photo of Jilda and me. 
My birthday is in January, so after the holidays, we're going to spend my birthday on the coast. 
I can't wait because it's been much too longs since I've smelled the salt air and listened to a raging surf.
Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I hope Santa is good to you all.


  1. What a lovely photo of you both!
    Happy Christmas to you and Jilda.

  2. Neat photo. A perfect way to spend a birthday ..... doing something you really love. I can hear your sea gulls now.
    Wishing you and Jilda a Merry Christmas

  3. I love the ocean. I'd like to live so close to the water that I could look out my window, and there it would be, out of the cradle endlessly rocking.


  4. You and Jilda have not changed in 10 years!!!

    Now I see where amazing Jordan gets his fabulous character from! Yay!!!

    Have a most wonderful Christmas Rick and Jilda!! It's great to have a birthday straight AFTER Christmas - hoorah!! take care

  5. Anonymous4:57 AM

    Santa has been good to us all year so I think I'll give him a break and let him look after some one else this Christmas. Have a wonderful warm family Christmas.

  6. Merry Christmas!! :-))

  7. Great picture Rick. I guess you understand why I love living on the coast. I need it! So glad you guys are going in January. Merry Christmas!

  8. Oh Life 101, nostalgia fills me as I read about the sound of the Ocean, the feel of sand and especially the scent and feel of salt air on a windy day... or nights when so dark that only the sounds and scents fills my being... or Moonlit nights shimmering across the rippling waters, highlighting the foaming surf as it breaks across the shore and or rocks... or seeing the Sky come alive with colours as the reflections dance over the Sea greeting a new day.

    Thanks for the memories..
    Those are profound words from anyone's mouth but I agree, especially from a child.

    A wonderful 2011 Christmas and a fabulous 2012 too...
    which will begin grandly with celebrating your Birthday by the Ocean...

    Good wishes from Magda and Crew in Australia

  9. Have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas Rick.


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