Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Game

Jilda had a routine doctor visit today and I drove her to the appointment. I'd gotten caught up with my writing and we'd talked about doing a little Christmas shopping if the appointment didn't last too long.
It took longer than we expected so we blew off the shopping and headed home so she could start painting the Christmas cards.
Just off Corridor X a city policeman had a woman pulled off the shoulder of the road. His lights weren't flashing and he was leaning on the door with both forearms on her window (which was rolled down).
He was standing close enough to kiss her.
Jilda and I have this game that we play every now and then and it's called -- "What's Going On There."
I fired the first salvo when I said, What's Going On There?
Jilda said, I'm not sure exactly but he's leaning against her car with his "cute butt stance."
I wasn't sure what that meant, but she assured me that every women who follows my blog would know exactly what she meant.
Jilda also observed that the driver of the car was about twenty five, blonde, and smiling at the young officer.
Rick: He's saying -- Ms. What's your hurry, is something on fire?
Jilda: She's saying -- It's a little too early to say officer.
Rick: He's saying -- Well, we have laws in this town, you must have been doing 66 in a 65 mph zone. We have children in this town who play on this Interstate.
Jilda: She's saying -- I think there's something wrong with your equipment.
Rick: He's saying -- I promise you all my equipment is in perfect working order.
Jilda: She's saying -- That's what they ALL say.
Rick: He's saying -- Have you ever been in handcuffs?
Jilda: She's saying -- Not in the day time. Am I under arrest officer? Because if I am, I need to call my daddy whose a federal judge.
Rick: He's saying -- I'm gonna let you off with a warning little lady. You drive safe now, you hear?

I think this game was a draw but I'll let you all decide.

BTW: Glee Give a Note announced today that Phil Campbell was one of the winners in the contest.
Not only did the high school win the $50,000 but they also awarded the elementary school $25,000.
Jilda and I both received notes from our friends at Phil Campbell thanking us all for the support that help lift them to #1.
She said the excitement at the high school was off the charts today when it was announced.
I would like to say that I am so grateful for all of you who helped lift this tiny school up and make this award possible. I'm in your debt.


  1. Perfect way to end the day with such wonderful news.

  2. "cute butt stance" - Jilda wins!

  3. How very nice that the elementary school was given a grant as well. Well done everyone.

  4. That's a fun game you two play! I'm very happy for the school and community!

  5. I love your game, maybe when we're driving this weekend we'll play it. I'm sorry Rick, but between cute butt stance and my Daddy's a Federal Judge I am sure Jilda won this round!

    Congrats to Phil Campbell...I told Jilda I've had people I recruited to vote asking if I'd heard any news.

  6. Jilda wins for being perfectly sassy! Yay!!

    HOOORAH for the Phil Campbell!!! Take care

  7. Anonymous7:21 AM

    Congrats to Phil Campbell.

  8. Great news about Phil Campbell! And the story was hilarious!

  9. Your game is great, and yes, I know what the cute butt stance is.



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