Thursday, December 01, 2011

Signing Books

I'll be signing books with several other local authors tomorrow at the local library. I had hoped that my latest work would be in print by now, but that didn't happen. 
My editor sent me the revisions and all I had to do was make the changes on the original chapters. But that didn't happen. 
I thought his people would contact my people. There would be creative meetings, and meetings to discuss budgets and marketing plans --  with interns hustling around as if they had hungry rats in their underoos, but again, that didn't happen.
I envisioned the final copy of my book showing up by FedEx one morning as I lounged on the screen porch sipping a cup of Joe and reading the funny papers, but as you may have guessed, that didn't happen.
Apparently, you have to actually make the changes and then provide the finished project to the printer. Who knew? 
So tomorrow, I'm headed to an event with a room full of other writers who haven't been slugs and have new books to sell. 
I can almost hear the snarky comments from my friends and fellow writers -- "Your new book looks just like your old book." 
Well I've got an ace in the hole. While they're taking rubber checks and making change out of greasy lunch bags,  I'll be taking credit card payments via my iPhone. We'll see who has the last laugh.


  1. Really? I chuckled through your entire post tonight.

  2. Anonymous10:43 PM

    you mad eme smile tonight too, have a good day tomorrow,

  3. Funny post, but I feel bad for you.

  4. I sometimes attend these literary get togethers and sign books for people. I didn't write the books, but how would most people know I'm not Anne Tyler?


  5. Oh dear! Glad you have a Plan B! Yay!!

    Enjoy your creative hobnobbing and deja vu book signing!!!

    Take care

  6. At least you have a book - that's more than most achieve!

  7. Thanks Y'all.
    @ Lola, that's GREAT idea! I could go buy a bunch of Rick Bragg books to sell and sign. Dang, I wish I'd thought of that earlier.

  8. Square credit card reader for your phone is awesome. I use mine all the time.

    My Blog

  9. Hey, I'd buy your book...the old one..and the new one someday! Have a good day and have fun!


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