Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cedar and Cookies

We put up our tree tonight.....well, to be more precise, Jilda put up our tree tonight. I wagged in crates of ornaments, lights, and other stuff from the shed. I also hauled in the live tree that we saved in a pot from last year.
I tend to get in the way of the creative Christmas decoration vibe, so I serve as the DJ. I spin the Christmas tunes and provide the nog to the chief decorator.
Our great nephew Jordan came over for a while to help decorate the tree, and Jilda stopped long enough to whip up a batch of Christmas cookies. The aroma of cookies baking is like no other. 
She always lets the kids decorate the cookies with sprinkles and stuff. He was so excited. By the time he'd left, he'd eaten about a half dozen cookies. It might be a long night at their house. 
I sipped a glass of Merlot, put an Elvis Christmas CD on the player, and blissed out as the tree took came together.
I'll do the exterior illumination tomorrow, and Jilda will decorate the fireplace, and the other stuff in the greatroom.
It's beginning to look like Christmas around here.


  1. Sometimes it's definitely best to stay out of the way of the creative spirit. But I'm glad she took a break and Blackie made her go to bed.

  2. Ah, traditions. Love them.

  3. It all sounds so magical, I 'spect that's because it is :)
    Your a good egg, serving as a support team, it helps a lot !

  4. Thanks for the nudge. I'd better get on with ours :-)

  5. Awww Jordan and Jilda and her cookies!! And wine! What a fun time!! Take care

  6. I hope you use the old fashioned big colored outdoor lights. I'm so sick of the tiny white strings and 'icicles' that everyone uses now. what happened to all the color at christmas?

  7. Just as long as everyone knows their assigned roles it makes everything work like a well oiled machine!

  8. Ah, Jilda + Jordan = Joy



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