Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jordan's Christmas Card

Last week we kept our great nephew Jordan. I had stories due and Jilda was painting Christmas cards, but even though he's only 3, he's not high maintenance at all.
He watched cartoons for a while and then he went to watch Jilda paint. He asked questions, but he was fascinated just watching her work.
When she asked if he wanted to paint a card for his mom and his papa, his face lite up. Jilda dished him out a little paint in a container, and gave him a few brushes. She explained a few things about color and technique. He listened and then he went to work. This card was for his mom.
When he finished it up I could hear the excitement coming from the other room.
When I went in there to get the scoop, his face was beaming. "I did this for my mom," he said proudly. I ooooo'd and aaaaah'd over his artwork.
I'm not sure about you, but I'd love to get a nice hand painted Christmas card like this one :)
I think he's planning to sell limited edition autographed lithographs, donating the profits to his daycare so that they can buy more books and painting supplies.


  1. Jordan is way ahead of me on the completion of Christmas cards. Way to go, Jordan!

  2. Love it! I need to catch up with Jordan too!

  3. I think it is a lovely example of modern art. Very good!

  4. I love watching and listening to little ones 'create' and become entrepreneurs!
    My daughter used to paint her seashells and try to sell them for $1.00! She had few takers...lol!
    Tell Jordan I think his art is full of dreamy colors!

  5. I'd buy a pack from Jordan!! Awwww how CUTE is your great nephew!?!?!? He's ADORABLE!! I want a great nephew like Jordan now! LOL!! Awwww! Take care

  6. He is bettert than me. I never had the courage to hold a brush... Me too, ill buy a pack...

    Merry christmas sir Rick!


  7. You can just feel the joy he has for Christmas and the love he has for his mother.

  8. Nothing better than something made with love, laughter, excitement and 3yr. old hands! Good job Jordan!


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