Friday, December 16, 2011

Winding Down

The year is winding down. I've spent most of my time today tying up loose ends. It's been touch and go because a lot of people are out of the office until after the first of the year, but I knew that before I headed out today.
I've spent time today collecting my thoughts trying to imagine what next year will bring. I know Jilda and I have several projects that we'd love to finish during the coming year, and there's still the issue of international travel that we promised ourselves for years that we'd do.
Our friends Tom and Judy are headed to Prague on Christmas day. That's a destination that we've talked about for years. The city survived the destruction of WWII, and its history runs deep.
I must admit that a little twinge of envy coursed through me as Tom talked about their trip. Jilda and I both love to travel, and we don't for reasons that neither of us can articulate.
Having said this, we're going next Tuesday to renew our passports. As I always say, we can't travel internationally on expired passports.
Jilda is taking off the week after Christmas so we're going to spend some time relaxing and recharging our batteries, but we also want to put together a game plan for making 2012 the best year yet for us both.
I hope you all have a remarkable weekend.



  1. Anonymous7:29 AM

    The best part of anything is the planning.

  2. Prague is a good choice; it's a fascinating city. You should also take a day trip to Karlo Vivary, buy there a specific cup and have some water from the famous hot springs in the city center.

  3. Ah, yes, current passports are always important. You never know when you might want to travel. We travel extensively and spend at least six months of every year at sea. As much fun as it is to visit other places, coming home is the best!

  4. Hope the new year brings some good travels to you both. Glad to hear that Jilda's taking a week off! Will do her good and let you both relax! Happy Holidays!

  5. It's the time of year for tying up loose ends and making plans, isn't it? Trying to do a bit of that myself.


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