Friday, March 02, 2012

Before the Storm

I had three interviews set up for today but all got rescheduled due to the weather. We've always been weather conscience here, but you could say after the outbreak last year, we are super weather conscience.
That's OK with me, no story is that important to me.
So I found myself home just after lunch with a few hours to spare before the bad weather reached us. So I made good use of the time.
I did yoga, and then afterwards I went for a walk. Several years ago when I walked on the property behind us, I discovered a pond that was big enough and deep enough to support fish.
I know you probably think I have fish on the brain, and perhaps I do, but today I went looking for that pond.
The terrain is rugged (by our standards), but I found the pond less than 3/4 of a mile behind the barn.
I sat on the bank for a long time looking at the water.
When my eyes adjusted to the jade colored water, I realized it was full of fish. I kicked myself for not bringing my fly rod.
But I did shoot a few pictures. I took one of the photos and doctored it up with one of the apps on my iPhone. I'll show you the original and the doctored picture. See if you can guess which one's which.

Photo 1

Photo 2

You give up?


  1. Anonymous8:06 PM

    Uh gosh......I can't tell.. lol
    Keep safe over there. Keep your head down. Fingers crossed the nasty weather gives you a miss.

  2. C'mon. You couldn't even draw a fish in the middle to give us a hint? LOL

  3. Thank you for the smile and happy picture today. Be safe.

  4. Thanks for the laugh.
    LOVE it!

  5. I would declare both pics frame worthy! Hope all bad storms pass you by.

  6. hee, hee.
    peace. like a river. hoping you avoid the bad weather.

  7. LOL! erm... it's very difficult - I'll have to think about this one!

    Please be safe with all this bad weather about! Take care

  8. Uh, uh, I dunno.


  9. Anonymous7:08 AM

    I like both....nice to see someone using their software to "tweak" their photos!

  10. Anonymous8:58 AM

    I like a sense of humor ...and it was a bit hard to determine which was the better one and which was the "ONE" ...and I know you could have and probably did scream out....Crazy for not bringing my pole.....LOL was a victory for the fish...that day!

  11. What a beautiful pond! I'm not quite sure which one was doctored. Stay safe through the storm.

  12. So many bad storms. Hopefully you stay safe.
    There are still plenty of fishing days ahead.

  13. You are funny Sir Rick! Awesome! Made me smile.. Be safe!



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