Friday, March 30, 2012

Big Money

Someone told me Interstate 65 was bumper-to-bumper north of Huntsville with people heading to Tennessee to buy a lotto ticket. At last count, the jackpot was over $600 million dollars. That's over a half a billion.
After taxes you could pocket in the neighborhood of $350 million dollars. 
I have to say, that if I banked over a third of a billion dollars, I'd be encouraged. I wouldn't be silly enough to say that my life wouldn't change, because it would have to. 
I mean, I know I'd get my transmission fixed on my old truck, and I'm pretty sure I'd replace my lawnmower.  But I'd like to think I'd be smart with the money and use it wisely, but who knows what that kind of cash would do.
If you want to read a sad story, read about Jack Whittaker, a successful West Virginia businessman whose life went south when he won $315 million dollars in the Powerball lottery.
In the scheme of things, it's not too much of a pain to drive a truck that groans a little when you shift gears and I could always go green and buy a goat when my grass gets too high.


  1. I really don't want my life to change - I like it the way it is. But Jim bought a ticket.

  2. I've never entered a lottery as high as that, but the Euro one gets pretty high. I'd have to give most of that away. So much money scares me a bit!

  3. Well, who wouldn't rather have a goat than a gazillion dollars!!!

    You??? :)

  4. I, too, would like to think I'd use the money wisely. I'd also like to have some fun with it and travel with my family. :)

    Thanks for the follow and the visits!

  5. Yes, money an drive your life completely upside down! Anyway I say I'm happy with what I've got :) happy weekend!

  6. Interesting that the winner ends up in Maryland... during the GOP Primary nightmare for an election year. Don't you think?

    That's okay. They won't be able to use their ATM card if the power goes out... and we'll all be eating bar-b-que or fried fish. LOL

  7. So far we won 5 bucks, although we are still checking tickets. Suffice to say, the cash windfall won't be destroying my marriage. :)

  8. Anonymous8:30 AM

    I always get a kick out of poeple who say their lives wouldn't change. Of course their lives will change. It can't be helped. The minute you realize that you can have anything you want, your life changes; not necessarily for the better but it does change.

  9. Anonymous10:06 AM

    I too would hope I would use the money wisely like open my bakery/cafe. I do know that if money doesn't change you it definitely changes the people around you ; )

  10. I think I'd spend a million and then live off the interest on the rest. Not a bad life. I would certainly try to create jobs for people. That would keep me quite busy letting my money make money to help people.

  11. winning the lottery = bankruptcy


  12. A goat would be something you'd probably enjoy, too Rick!!
    I don't know though...I sure had fun day dreaming about how I'd spend it....

  13. Mister stepped up and bought 10 tickets. It was the price for a dream - a short lived dream.

  14. I bought a ticket. I'd like to think I would have used the money wisely.


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