Monday, March 19, 2012

Deja Moo -- My Column from Sunday's Paper

Deja vu — Most people are familiar with this French term which is the illusion of having experienced something that’s actually being experienced for the first time. 

A term you may not be familiar with is deja moo — it’s the feeling that you’ve heard this bull malarky before. Now that it’s election season, I’m experiencing a great deal of deja moo.

Politics is one of the least interesting topics on the planet to me. I’d rather hear about my great uncle’s colonoscopy than to listen to a politician talk about: “family values”, “moral compass,” “left wing,” “right wing,” _________ fill in the blank.

Politicians tend to focus on what divides us instead of what it will take to bring us together.

Frankly, I’m afraid as a country, we’re rapidly approaching the point of no return. If we can field a slate of politicians who can focus on real issues that affect ALL Americans, instead of the top 10 percent who fund the agenda, we might just have a chance.

One popular technique utilized during elections is using “wedge issues.” These are issues that get people fired up, and headed out to the polls, but in reality, solve nothing.

Every time I’m around a politician who spends more time talking about how big a Christian he is, than he does explaining his political views, I want to scream. 

I have a feeling that if Jesus were here today, he’d place a restraining order against most of them. I think God pays more attention to what they do than what they say. My prayer is that voting Americans will start doing that too.

In my view, we need new ideas. If Steve Jobs of Apple were still alive, I’d nominate him for president. He was a genius. When looking at ordinary things, he could make associations which enabled him to solve complex problems. 

I have a feeling Steve could’ve put together a group of smart, creative people to help solve some of the difficult problems that we face today.

I just finished listening to Jobs’ authorized biography, and he had a lot of flaws, but he didn’t hide them. He felt passionately about education and training Americans for the jobs of the future. 

Before Jobs passed away in 2011, he met with President Obama, and outlined a plan to train engineers. Jobs told the president that Apple could bring 30 thousand jobs home from China and the Pacific Rim if America had qualified engineers.

It’s a mystery why we aren’t doing everything in our power to put Americans back to work. 

A survey company called me recently asking what five issues were most important to me during this election year. This is what I told them:




The environment

And of course, world peace.

I have a good friend, and we are polar opposites when it comes to politics. She says I’m a dreamer, and perhaps she’s right, but if someone doesn’t dream about it, how can it ever come true? It’s better than deja moo.


  1. Great Blog tonight really strikes a cord thanks

  2. The current politics meshed with religion is frightening. One of the candidates said he would like it if church and state unite. History (if they ever read it) has shown what happens when there is church and state: persecution and religious laws. I believe this will happen one day.

    I'm tired of hearing politicians talk about religion while not caring about the poor and wanting to take away food stamps. I feel anger just typing this. Don't talk about God and then treat the poor badly. Jesus would never, ever do that. These people seem to say, God, God, God, and they don't even know what God is all about. It is horrible.

    Aren't you glad you brought this subject up?

  3. I'm with you. We can never give up hope and dreaming about a better way of doing things. If we back it up with hard work and open minds, we can do anything! Easier said than done, I realize, but I refuse to be hopeless.

  4. deja moo- The most apt term I've heard in this current political season. Touche!

  5. Well said, Rick! May your words reach a wide audience!

  6. Education is a huge problem. Students in the U.S. are not as well-prepared for university and graduate school (in the sciences) as students from many other countries. Our top students are not allowed to take off and soar when they're young because they have to sit around and wait on some child who might get left behind. I certainly don't want children left behind, but the faster students should be able to move ahead and do as much as they can. When my daughter went to public school, she spent most of her time waiting for other kids or teaching them herself or being bored. She got to do more in a private high school. But even though she graduated from one of the toughest colleges in the U.S. with degrees in math and physics and got a master's in math at Cambridge, she still didn't feel prepared for her math Ph.D. program. She said students from other countries who attend technical high schools and colleges have a strong advantage.


  7. I hate politics and I wish someone could come forward that I could find the hope and answers we're looking for. Your article reminded me of a song...let's see, how does it go? "You may say I'm a dreamer...but I'm not the only one"...nope Rick, you're not the only one!

  8. It is a funny term, Deja Moo ? Santorum kind of apologized today for not knowing about the economy?

  9. It is a funny term, Deja Moo ? Santorum kind of apologized today for not knowing about the economy?


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