Sunday, March 18, 2012

In My Blood

Today it was 85 degrees which is by far the hottest day we've had this winter. Over the last few days, the warm sun has seduced the wild dogwood, and they're putting on a show.  The hollow looks as if it's had a dusting of snow.
We're beginning to see wildflowers peaking up from beneath the dead leaves, and even the reluctant trees have have begun to put on their leaves. 
Yesterday afternoon I walked down behind the barn to meditation rock. The wild honeysuckles are beginning blooming too -- pink, white, and a shade of lavender. The warmth radiating off the huge moss-covered rocks gives the closest bloomers a head start. 
A few years ago we tied a ribbon around one of the small honeysuckles during the summer, and after the first frost, when they became dormant, we dug it up and transplanted it in our back yard.
It lived, but it's never bloomed -- I hope it does this year.
This evening when the sun dipped below the horizon, I cranked the old trusty Troy Bilt tiller and broke up our garden.
Soon we'll be planting -- a few warm days does that to me. I guess it's in my blood.


  1. Why, oh WHY is it 70-80 degrees everywhere in the country except here? I live in Southern California for heaven's sake, and it's FREEZING here today! I would like to see a sign of spring too!

  2. 85 in March must be a little strange. I love the spring and it does make one feel like planting something.

  3. Beautiful weather today in Northern Florida. Warm, but not too hot. I trimmed my rose buses. The roses are so perfectly red and beautiful.


  4. Anonymous10:48 PM

    no doubt it's in your blood!

  5. You mean winter's over? We had no snow this winter. Something's haywire.

  6. Heck we don't often get that high in the middle of Summer!

  7. Crazy weather will do crazy things to ya...we're back in the 1940s with this whacky season!
    Gardening add to the plants' confusion :)

  8. Weather like this needs to be cherished and enjoyed! I know I certainly have been doing just that.

  9. 85 degrees?!!? Please bring some warmth over here too!!

    I need heat to warm my blood! Take care

  10. It's 75 here today and I'm trying to really enjoy it, and not keep thinking how weird it is! Today is the last day of Winter so I'll say good-bye and hello to Spring. But I still won't even think of planting until May...Mother Nature can be very sneaky up North!

  11. It's a beautiful time of the year. We have rain headed our way - I can see it on the radar. Sure hope it doesn't wash away the few bedding plants I put out on Saturday!


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