Tuesday, March 13, 2012

That Kind of Mood

Even though the days are getting longer here, and we're seeing more of the sun, it's still winter. 
I know because our persimmon tree in the front yards has not begun to put on its leaves.
I'm not sure if persimmons are older and wiser, but they are never fooled by late frosts that always seem to slip in and nip early blooming peaches, plums and other plants that aren't weather wise.
But the days have been nice, and I noticed today that those quick-on-the-draw peaches and blueberries were in full bloom.
I had things I needed to do in the office, but when I went out to feed the critters, I kept finding little chores that kept me outside. 
I sat down on our bench and looked at the sky for a long while. The sun felt warm on my face and I realized I needed the sunlight. 
This time of year feels great here. Not too hot, not too cold.  Who knows, if it's this way tomorrow, I might wash the cars, or cut the grass. 
I'm just in "that kind of mood."


  1. It does a body good to be in the warm sun when there's still a little chill in the air. Good for you-

  2. I hope it's still pleasant today. I'm looking forward to the first time this year when I can lift my face and feel the warm sun.

  3. I love that mood... Same here... Seem like eager to do the outdoor now... I started doing the firewood yesterday at the patio... We love sitting there on springtime till autumn...


  4. Anonymous7:32 AM

    It's so wonderful in this early spring to putter around outside and feel the sun. We'll soon be able to put away the vitamin D bottle.

  5. That is a great mood! sandie

  6. Living at 7200 ft, I NEVER trust early signs of spring. We still get frost late into May!

  7. Anonymous4:06 PM

    yes some plants do seem to be more weather wise...soaking up those Vitamin D rays is a good thing...I need to soak up some too!

  8. It's been wonderful here too! The last couple of days have been 70..very unusual for us. I'm enjoying every minute keeping in mind that snows can still make an appearance. For today..I'm in the mood to just enjoy! Hope you do too!

  9. It's not winter, and some days it's not even spring, in Florida. Summer rapidly approacheth, and I have discovered my AC doesn't work. Oh, Dear AC Man, please don't find anything seriously wrong. I think I only have $78 at the moment.


  10. It was even nicer here today. I didn't think it would be at first, because I saw a flash of lightning and heard thunder as the coffee was brewing, but it never rained and by sunup, the clouds had moved off to the east.


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