Wednesday, March 07, 2012


I was cranking away earlier on a post that seemed brilliant. I imagined the Pulitzer judges struggling to deciding on which categories to enter it in. I could almost hear myself thanking all the "little people" who helped me become the writer I am today.
But when I read back over the post, I was slammed back to earth like one of the WWF wrestlers. My post was gibberish.
Your mind plays tricks on you sometimes. Perhaps it's fatigue, maybe it's the broccoli you had for supper, or maybe it's because you have an inflated sense of self importance.
Who knows? It's a mystery to me. At any rate, I deleted the post before it found its way onto the world wide web.
I hope you all have a great Thursday.


  1. I often feel like this about my writing from one day to the next :-)

  2. Sometimes gibberish is good after a glass of wine or three! :-)

    Just saying! Take care

  3. Anonymous9:18 AM

    I've done that with posts and comments...sounded brilliant at the time but not so much on the reread! ;-)

  4. Oh yeeaahhh... been there, done that.


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