Monday, March 12, 2012

Rockin' & Rollin'

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I've been holed up in my office today. I had two stories due but I'd decided to procrastinated over the weekend. This morning I could hear the sound of sand scratching through my editor's hourglass into the past.
I couldn't find a syringe to shoot up coffee, so I snorted a few lines of expresso and got down to business.
Within two hours I'd knocked out both stories and still had time to walk with Jilda, and feed the critters.
After I fired off the stories to my editor, I pulled up my Project list and the highest priority was getting my book ready for press.
I'd been dragging my feet a little on that effort for some time because I needed to liquidate a few holdings to have the money for printing.  But when I learned last week about Amazon's Creative Space
(I mentioned this a few days ago), it changed everything.

A friend had edited 45 stories before Thanksgiving. These pieces make up a majority of the book, but the edits had been collecting dust on my desk.
I knocked out 15 of the edits before I started twitching uncontrollably and seeing monsters, and giant insects out of the corner of my eye.  I decided it was time to call it a day.
Tonight was yoga night which was exactly what I needed. I stretched, breathed, and almost fell asleep during relaxation.
I'm about to fire up the kettle and drink some Sleepy Time tea. Y'all have a great week and do something remarkable.
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  1. Anonymous10:27 PM

    job(s) well done for all you accomplished today! and yoga to top it off! excellent!

  2. Yoga is wonderful when one is starting to wig out. :) I am a huge fan. I often want to fall asleep at the end too. It's just so relaxing. Ahhh.

    I love the pictures of your life.

  3. *followed, by the way :)

  4. I want some sleepy time tea! There should be a tea for all occassions! Take care

  5. What a lovely sounding day. Mine involved the Doctor, the Post Office, the supermarket ... oh, and trying to complete my daughters' passport forms. I could have done with some Yoga :-)

  6. Anonymous7:40 AM

    Congrats on getting so far on your book.

  7. Good work. You're very productive for an old coot.


  8. Ahhh- yoga. Soothing to soul and body. Can't wait to read the book when it is done~

  9. I think you should have stopped working before you started having hallucinations! lol

  10. Yoga after a hard day - perfect! I've caught myself almost snoring more than once during relaxation. Good work on your book!


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