Thursday, March 29, 2012

Out of Phase

I've been a little out-of-sorts today. Have you ever felt like that? It's almost like being just a little out of phase.
I don't feel bad, I'm not hurting, I'm not sad, but mentally I'm about as sharp as a spoon.
It's been a while since I've felt this way and I have no idea what brings it on, but normally it doesn't last long.
My column was due today and I struggled to put the words on paper. I wound up taking the blog entry on the Flag Retirement Ceremony and expanding it.
That's the beauty of writing a daily blog. You have lots of topics from which to choose. You post it on your blog and if that dog hunts, you turn it into a column.
I think I'll have a cup of hot tea and catch up on my reading.
Y'all have a great evening.


  1. I sure do know what you mean. I feel like this day was long and tiring and I really should have exercised tonight but frankly just didn't have it in me. So hopefully it will pick up tomorrow and I hope your weekend is super!

  2. Anonymous9:14 PM

    Yup...been there. Perhaps a little too often.

  3. Lately I feel like I'm stuck in the same circles, around and around, day in, day out.....
    I keep looking for a rainbow :)

    Here's to more inspired times my friend !

  4. "I don't feel bad, I'm not hurting, I'm not sad, but mentally I'm about as sharp as a spoon."

    Seriously, you have no idea. I didn't even have to work today and yet, I couldn't get anything done.

    Enjoy your reading!

  5. That has been my week. Feel like I have been marching along out of step for miles.

  6. I think everyone gets like that from time to time. Maybe it's a way we have of rethinking things, looking for inspiration or freshening things up. Maybe we just need a nap. If we're lucky it doesn't last long. Here's to better days...

  7. Reading and tea always help me feel better too. We can't be "on" all the time. You'll be back. :)

  8. I used to worry that feeling like that was a sign of depression or a sixth sense of impending doom. Now I just chalk it up to barometric pressure :-)

  9. I can relate to this feeling, same with me today!

  10. Sometimes you just gotta chill! Have a great Friday and weekend! Take care

  11. Definitely a sign that you need to rest the weary brain!


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