Saturday, March 31, 2012


I'm almost afraid to go out and check our fruit trees. We had a gig tonight in Cullman, which is about 25 miles north of here.  
Jilda surveyed the sky before we left and she said, as we loaded the guitars, the sky looks like hail.
We were on Interstate 65, tooling along at 70 mph, when up ahead we saw cars braking, and pulling to the side of the road.
"What the heck?" I thought. All of a sudden I began to hear sleet, ticking off the hood of the car. A few moments later, the ticking turned in to a pinging sound. I pulled to the side of the road with about 30 other cars, and soon hail, some as big as golfballs, began playing the old Volvo like a kettle drum.
That lasted for a good ten minutes. Jilda took the gig book and put it over her head in case the hail got even bigger.
I said some "wordy durds." 
Then as quickly as it started, it moved off to the south ------ toward our house.
That's why I'm worried about our fruit trees. I'll go out at first light and survey the damage. I'm hoping the hail didn't move through here, but only time (and a little daylight) will tell.


  1. I hope your trees did survive!

  2. We had heavy rain yesterday, on and off, but no hail.


  3. So, now that it's light. How are those trees?

  4. Anonymous6:32 AM

    Hope you didn't have too much in the way of damage.

  5. I hope the trees weren't too badly damaged.

  6. We lucked out and had no damage to our trees. Just a few miles west, it knocked windshields out of cars.

  7. What the hail? How did it turn out on the fruit trees?

  8. Most of the Magnolias are dead. I am hoping that Fair Acre Farms people have covered the apple blossoms with tarp.

  9. Did you car have damage? That's really scary to have to pull over. I'm always afraid someone won't see me and plow into the car! Glad you made it through and I sure hope your fruit trees are OK.

  10. When I looked closer today, Ingrid (Jilda's Volvo) had a few hail-dents in the hood and on the roof but everything else was OK.


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