Thursday, March 01, 2012

A Day ne the Water

I didn't finish our taxes today. I know, I'd whined about it last night, and I talked like I was all business and would finish up the tax work today.  But I had to take Jilda to the eye doc to get her "subscription" renewed for contacts this morning, and I had every intention of jumping on the tax documentation this evening.
But my nephew Haven called and said he had the key for the gate to get into a private lake stocked with bass, bream, and other fish. The lake is only a few miles from my house.
It took me all of three seconds to blow off the tax work and grab my fly rod.
We shot this photo while the light was good, but we brought 14 bass home.
Haven says that's enough for a fish fry :)
Floating gently across water as still as a mirror, and experiencing the sights, sounds, and smells was like salve for my soul.
I'd fallen into a malaise these last few days and on one level I thought the best thing for me was to jump into routine stuff. Something to keep me focused. 
Often that's the prescription to help me through trying times. But when Haven called, it occurred to me that a day on the water would be much better medicine.
As it turns out -- it was.


  1. Sounds like just what the doctor ordered...

  2. There's just something about being on the water that is soul healing and body energizing. Glad you had the time there-

  3. Anonymous10:16 PM

    excellent...I'd chose fishing anyday over taxes. Fish fry definitely on the menu!

  4. Anonymous10:57 PM

    well I'd say, great day!

  5. Bein on the water is just the best are right, a salve for the soul. We have a little pontoon boat that is on a lake 11 minutes from our home. Whenever we can get away even after work for a while, we go. (Cant wait now to get it out!) Being there is like being on vacation for a while. All your problems somehow go away for that time.
    Your catch looks like you had a delicious dinner!

  6. Taxes will still be there when you're ready....enjoy the day and the water now!

  7. I still haven't looked at my taxes so you're ahead of me by a lot. I have no part of the taxes done and I don't have fresh fish.


  8. Water is a great cure, and fish is the best dish!

  9. Great medicine and soooo productive too. Enjoy!!
    Save those taxes to do for a rainy day.

  10. Nature is healing and I know how you love fishing. I'm glad you could go.


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