Saturday, April 28, 2012


Matt's Safe Room
We played for a celebration today that was a special event. It was for one of our fans, Matt Crumbley, who's been every time we've played in North Alabama.
He lives in a small community just north of Cullman, and one year ago yesterday, they heard sirens. They knew the drill, Matt, his mom, his grandparents, and their three cats headed for their safe room.
He remembers hearing a deafening roar, and pressure that was so intense it was hard to describe. Then as quickly as it came, it was gone.
When they stepped out of their safe room, their house and all their belongings were gone. When he looked around, he realized that his community was gone too. The man who lived next door was killed.
Several weeks later, our group played at Berkeley Bob's Coffee House in Cullman, and Matt was there.
He was still visibly shaken. I video taped an interview with him about his experience.
Fast forward to a few weeks ago. Matt sent us a note and asked if we'd consider playing for a dedication of their new house. We said yes.
Today we arrived in his community, and next to the beautiful new house, were tents in their yard. The place was buzzing with people putting out food, drinks and desserts.
The sun was warm, but there was a nice breeze out of the north which flapped the sides of the canopies.
We got a grand tour of their new house and it was trees, but the house was beautiful. A door which opened off of Matt's bedroom led to the safe room.
The community welcomed us and we had a great time playing old familiar songs for those gathered.
The occasion was one of celebration. Even though a community got kicked in the teeth by mother nature, they got back up and started putting things back together.
The old cliche -- we're down, but we're not out, came to mind. I can't help feeling this little community is stronger, even after all they've been through.


  1. Thank God for this... A sure great time to celebrate...


  2. What a story - and a lesson!


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