Monday, April 09, 2012


I went fly fishing on the Sipsey this morning. It was a little cool when I left home, but when the sun came out it warmed up nicely.
I fished a lot last year, and I've gone a few times this year, but an impartial witness who watched me fish this morning would have sworn that I'm a rookie.
The first cast and my line turned into a rat's nest. If the wind had been blowing, I could easily have blamed the snafu on that, but it was still as a crypt. 
There was a Great Blue Heron on the far bank getting ready to catch his breakfast, and I thought I heard him chuckle at my misfortune.
I lost five files in the three hours I spent on the water. I didn't lost five flies last year. 
Not only that, I wasn't catching anything. I know I drivel on about "It's not the fish but the fishing," but I was lying. I wanted to catch a fish.
I started making my way back to the truck walking through the water and casting. All of a sudden, wham! 
A rainbow struck and I landed him. I removed the barbless hook and released him in the swift current.
My luck has changed, I smiled to myself. The next cast hung on a rock in the middle of the river and I lost another fly.
I wound my line in and headed for the truck before I fell in the river. 


  1. Sometimes it helps to see when it is time to give up right?

  2. A perfect end to a great day's fishing!??! LOL!! Well it was for me cos your last sentence made me laugh out loud! :-)

    p.s. hope you're ok btw!

    Take care

  3. Anonymous4:45 AM

    Oh my goodness.... this is very bad of me but that was SO funny. You missed one of the universe's messages there...."I don't want you to be here today please take the hint and go home. Here's a fish to shut you up now go home. For Pete's sake, GO HOME." I read a post about this just yesterday about the messages we receive from the universe and the importance of listening to them. There is always a reason.

  4. Yep. Sometimes you just gotta know when you're beaten ;-)

  5. I'm still a rookie at fishing and probably always will be. My husband and kids catch fish left and right while I get nothing except snagged in rocks and plants. The last time I went with them I took a book with me and read on the bank of the river while they fished. That suited me much better.

  6. laughing out loud here :) love your similies.

  7. Sounds like you had a lot of fun lol
    And still came home with dry pants with a fish tale about the big one you caught.
    Fresh air Fish water What more could you ask for? :)

  8. Well at least for a moment there, you got your mojo back. Best not to tempt fate.


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