Monday, April 02, 2012

We're #1 -- At Something

I have a theory. If you look at statistics for Alabama, we are usually compete with Mississippi for last place.
This is not an accident. We, as a people, have brought much of the hardship upon ourselves. This is a long sordid story, which is probably more information than you'd like to read about on a Monday night.
But suffice it to say, that we as a region, don't have a lot to celebrate.
Here's the theory -- I think the reason college football is so huge in the south, is because it's one thing that we are good at.
If you look at the college football National Championships since 1992 (the last 20 years) 9 of those championships went to Southeastern teams. We've won the last six.
I know it might seem trivial, but when you're rated at the bottom of family income, obesity, life expectancy, education level, any practically any other meaningful statistic; it feels good to be number one at something.
Today, Jilda was asked to speak on yoga and recovery (drug/alcohol), to students in one of the graduate programs at the University of Alabama.
Afterwards, the professor took us by Denny Stadium for a quick tour. I shot this photo out front.


  1. When I read your posts, where you live sounds so idyllic. Funny how the grass is always greener elsewhere for me.

  2. Interesting theory. I have a lot of family in S Carolina. I always wondered about that unhealthy football obsession. :)

  3. A city near us was recently named the Fattest City in America. There were folks they interviewed on the news there who were actually proud, because they were number one at something. Sheesh.

  4. Well I think it's people like you and Jilda and your families who make where you are no.1! Yay! take care

  5. Anonymous6:37 AM

    maybe your state doesn't rank #1 in many categories but I know two Southern bloggers who are who could that be I wonder???

  6. Growing up in Alabama where football is intrinsic was a cruel reminder since I was definitely not a jock (I was in the nerdy underclass). Football was always the #1 topic, even at church on Sunday. When I went off to grad school in the San Francisco Bay Area, I had been there about 6 months when I realized that I had not heard anyone even mention football - it was a glorious epiphany! I was free at last!

  7. My brother has a talent (well, that's what I call it anyway) and my son and his wife do's called: Find the best things you can about any place you live. My kids have lived in many areas of the country and always find the neatest things about each place. Even the ones down south! I think my brother would find something good about hell if he were to go there..which he won't! I've never been to Alabama but just by reading your blog and Jilda's I think it sounds like a great place with wonderful people who come through storms and tragedy and find a way to come out on top. And if football and great food are the best things about being a southerner, well that is just dandy in my book! I hate statistics, don't you?

  8. I've never been to Alabama (or, for that matter, Mississippi) but you're making it sound more and more attractive to visit. You make the area and the people sound irresistible.

  9. Thanks all. We really do love it here. I think every where you go has good points and bad.
    Whenever we travel, we expect the best and most often we find it.
    I think if you go looking for the bad, you'll find bad, even if you were to go to the garden of Eden :)


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