Sunday, April 01, 2012


Jilda used to tint black and white photographs. We bought coloring pencils, special paint, and the black and white photographs had to be printed on a special type of paper that would accept the paint.
A single photograph could take 10 hours to product.
Technology changes everything. I shot this photo a few days ago.  I ran it through an app on my iPhone and did the photo in less that a minute.
Is this better? Well, if you only look at the photograph and time savings, perhaps this is better.
But when you consider all the things I/we learned doing it the old way it makes the decision a little more cloudy.
I had to learn that not just any black and white paper would hold paint.
I studied texture, and darkroom printing techniques.
Jilda researched paint, color, and contrast to make those old photographs.
I'm not sure someone who has never done a tinted photo the old way could fully appreciate this new technology.


  1. I'm sure they wouldn't. This is now just another thing that 'can be done'. It's beautiful, though.

  2. Well I think it adds depth to the flower!! The yellow and grey background are stunning! Take care

  3. Anonymous7:11 AM

    The old way was art...the new way is just a toy.

  4. Many moons ago for two studios I used to hand tint sepia toned photos with oil paints ... Marshall's Photo Oil Colors. I still have my ancient Marshall's box here with some dried tubes, can't throw it away. :-) Sometimes I prefer the "old" ways.

  5. New technology is great but it takes away so many jobs and makes things impersonal just like people are becoming.
    You used to buy things because of the effort someone put into it today, one day you have , one day you don't and its expected. So much is lost in this way.


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