Thursday, April 26, 2012


It's been a while since we've seen deer in our garden. After the tornados last April, they seem to have faded into the woods.
I ran into a game warden back in the winter and he said the reason deer are scarce is because 2011 was a banner year for acorns. Apparently, deer prefer acorns over corn.
We'd become convinced the tornadoes blew our deer to South Carolina. But after hunting season we began putting out corn each day. We didn't see them, but each morning when we walked, we'd see the corn was gone.
This evening we had a guest for dinner and before nightfall. At one point, I looked out toward the barn, and a doe had ventured under the apple tree to munch on corn. I was so happy to see our little visitor.
Tomorrow is a long day, so the post tonight is short. I hope you all have a remarkable weekend.


  1. Anonymous10:49 PM

    as country as I am...never thought about deer eating acorns...thought that feast was reserved for squirrels!!!! ;-)

  2. Oh big hugs to all the deer there!! You are so lucky to have them visiting you!! Take care

  3. Hmmm, I hadn't really thought about acorns but come to think of it I haven't seen many at the cabin lately. We don't feed corn but they do wander into the cabin area most evenings. Have to pay attention.s

  4. I am eagerly anticipating deer images! :))

  5. What a nice sight that mus have been!

  6. I never thought about deers eating acrones either! lol sandie


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