Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Jilda would never be called a computer whiz. In fact, I'd been working with computers for 15 years before she typed her first email on one.

As a result, computers realize she's not an early adopter, and that taunt her mercilessly. She can be typing away and nearing the end of her update, and the display jumps to Facebook. 
All the words she'd been typing for 30 minutes are not lost in the ether -- somewhere just out of reach. My computer saves every word I type. I can shut down my computer and drive to Panama City, Florida; log on, and my updates would be there blinking as if I'd stepped down the hall the the bathroom.

When her updates disappear, she goes through four stages of confusion:

Hope (as she calls me over to try and retrieve the lost document)
Frustration, when I tell her -- alas, the words are gone and must be retyped
Anger -- which involves a lot of ugly words, that don't often pass her lips.

She had an "episode" tonight, but thankfully she'd only typed two sentences. When I heard her exclaim -- I can't believe this, I walked over to see if I could find what she'd written before she started cussing. 
When I clicked on the back button, a screen came up and asked if she wanted to print the current document.....but there was nothing on her screen.

I'm beginning to think her laptop is possessed.

Does anyone know a good exorcist?


  1. I'm trying to breath enough life into the "family" laptop so that I can get the pictures from it. If the system restore doesn't work, then sadly, I fear I will have to send it into the great beyond.

  2. It cannot be that bad.

  3. Anonymous5:29 AM

    Maybe she had better back up her hard drive just in case she's headed for a serious crash.

  4. How confusing! Do you mean as she is typing her blogger posts in the new post box of blogger it then jumps to facebook?!? Has she got facebook open as she's typing her blogpost?

    YIKES!!!!! I am stumped!

    I hope you find an answer to this baffling scenario!

    Take care

  5. I had a computer I felt that way about one time. When I finally got a new one, I pleaded with my husband to let me take a sledgehammer to the old one. He didn't think that was a good idea however. :)

  6. I'm afraid I don't know an exorcist. Obviously, the computer is out to get Jilda. Cruel, cruel computer.


  7. I just commented on her blog that this very thing happened to me on Sunday..at the point where I was almost finished with a very long post...pics and all were gone. I think I have the same gremlins....


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