Sunday, April 15, 2012

It seems the last week or so, my creative writing muse has been on vacation. I've spent more time tapping keys, than I've spent writing words. But I've come to understand that life is eb and flow.
Maybe the muse helps many people, and she's helping one of my friends, who's been ebbing, more than they've been flowing.
Last night when I tried to write, I got so frustrated I pushed away from my desk, and almost ran over one of Ol' Buddy's toes. He scrambled to get out of the way and looked at me as if to say, "Hey man, it's not my fault you can't buy a decent idea with a Gold Card.
I picked up my guitar and started plucking at it randomly. All of a sudden, I came up with a cool intro to one of our new songs. I found myself smiling.
If the writing muse has abandoned you, that doesn't mean that the music muse is not near by patiently waiting for you to call on her.


  1. I've found when I get frustrated with my painting it does help to get up, walk away, and do something else for awhile. It seems to unblock my mind. Half the time when I come back the project looks a lot better than I remember it looking. I think it's that way with writing too - sometimes we need a little distance to get the perspective right.

  2. How beautiful, I Am sure your music is great!

  3. I think that's why I bake a lot! If I can't type a sensible coherent string of words, I meander to the kitchen to bake! :-)

    Hugs to Ol Buddy - what a star! Take care

  4. yep, when you come to a stop sign, it may mean a turn in the road. Whenever I hit a snag in a project, I get up and wash dishes or something and that's enough to relax the brain while it solves the problem.

  5. So true- when one thing's ebbing, there's always another that's flowing. Glad you found yours-

  6. I've fought the blockage many times and I find that if I just start typing about nothing something appears. Walking away for a bit is good too, just not too long or try another project like music! Like yesterday I painted but was not feeling that muse either. I just painted the sides of some wrapped canvases and all of a sudden I was HIT! Spent 3-1/2 hours painting! Good luck.

  7. Oh ya the best way to fight a writers block is to change venues, do something else and then things come to you and rushes.
    I am glad your music brings you such joy. I miss my Dad playing. :)


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