Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Expresso Buzz

It was an old rainy day here in Empire today. I had an appointment this morning and drove in to town, only to find that it had to be rescheduled. 
So I ran by McDonalds and got a hot mocha to go, and headed back home. I did a little research on some stories, and made appointments for tomorrow. 
Jilda whipped up some rice and black beans for lunch and afterwards I decided to take a long nap. 
I could hear thunder in the distance, and the rain rattling our tin roof sounded almost like bacon frying. The thunder put all the dogs under foot.
I kicked back, and before I knew it I was sleeping hard. My phone chirped at 2 p.m. to remind me to finish up another project I'd started.
I sat up on the couch and my head felt like a warm marshmallow. I stepped to the kitchen and pulled out the big guns.
I put two helping teaspoons of expresso in the coffee press, and set the kettle on to boil. While the water heated, I moved the laptop, and my notes to the screened porch.
The whistle of the kettle sent me back inside and I poured the hot water over the coffee and gently pushed the plunger of the press. The aroma was out of this world.
I took the steaming cup to the porch, and sat down to write. About halfway through the cup, the hair on the back of my neck seemed to stand at attention. Before I was finished, I started seeing stuff out of the corner of my eye.
Not normal stuff, but things like a giraffe eating a popsicle. I typed faster. 
Fortunately, I finished the story before I started hearing the low frequency buzz. 
NOTE TO SELF: Go easy on the expresso.


  1. Hahahah! That story made me laugh for some reason. It also made me wish I was retired and could take a nap during the day! I do try to grab a few zzzzz's in the afternoon but the surgeon keeps hitting me with a retractor...butt head. So I'll just enjoy reading about your life in caffeine heaven. (I don't do coffee..I'm high on life)

  2. I loved the definition of too much espresso. That's how I'd be if I had any caffeine in any form.

  3. You funny bunny you!

  4. Expresso shots are good for you! They make you see things no one else would! LOL!

    Take care

  5. Anonymous7:29 AM

    Whoa...potent stuff.

  6. That's funny! I have to say though that the nap sounded heavenly. Go easy on the hard stuff though.

  7. Have to say I love the idea of a metal roof because it just goes over the old one. lol
    Easy peezy.
    I also have to give it to you that you definitely have the self discipline to keep on going and writing. I always begin something and then run dry.It's hard to get a new angle on things that would be interesting for people to read.

    As for coffee It never bothers me. In fact it does just the opposite and puts me to sleep.

  8. At last - I now know what a coffee press is!! It's what we call a coffee plunger. Wait long enough and I get to figure things out; it was the description that clued me up.

    Ms Soup


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