Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Gift

I was getting pretty productive in my writing so I knew I needed a new distraction. I decided to join Pinterest, which is an online pin board. 

The idea is when you come across something on the web worth sharing, you can "pin" it to Pinterest, and share it with anyone following you. 

I linked mine to Facebook so that whenever I pin something, it not only shows up on Pinterest, but it shows up on Facebook too.

I took a break from writing this afternoon and I was perusing Pinterest when I came across this quote from Albert Einstein.

It's one of the most interesting things I've read in some time. I must confess that I'm as guilty as any when it comes to relying on the "faithful servant."

But some of the best things I've written have been snagged from thin air.  I make a connection between two unexpected things which results in something unique, and special.
When it happens to me, it always makes me smile. I never want to forget the "gift".


  1. I love that quote! Good thing to remember.

  2. i've alwasy loved that quote.

    I can't figure out Pintrest. I have no idea how to pin. Probably a good thing. I hear it's a serious time sucker once one gets the knack. :)

  3. It is interesting one of the most rational minds on earth said that. He was intuitive also I guess. There are things I believe to be true although there is no proof. And it is fun to think of something unique - although I don't do that often!

  4. I don't have any logic to speak of and always trust my intuition! LOL!

    Take care

  5. I love that quote.

    As far as Pinterest goes, I was on it quite heavily but it seemed to suck my time so that had to go. Had to prioritize (sp).

  6. So true. Many inventions have come to be because of intuitive minds.
    But when you have kids you have to teach them to be rational and then you forget the other things lol

  7. I love quotes by Einstein. I often quote him because he was wise and spiritual. Fortunately for me, I do follow my intuition a lot. My rational mind fails me most of the time ;) Hence, the clashes with my dear rational hubby, LOL!
    BTW, never heard of this Pinterest. How did you find this?


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