Monday, April 16, 2012

First Catch of the Season

NOTE: The seed for my column this week started with a post from last week. 
I went fly fishing on the Sipsey this morning for the first time this year. It was a little cool when I left home, but I put on some warm clothes to wear under my waders. It wasn’t too bad when I stepped into the chilly water.

A mist hovered near the surface, making the trees look like a faded black and white photograph.

Soon, the sun rose above the trees and burned the mist away. It felt good on my back as I waded up river to my favorite fishing spot. 

I’d forgotten my wading stick, which helps me maintain balance as I walk across rocks slicker than teflon sprayed with WD-40, so the journey up river took about twice as long as normal.
I’m not a master fisherman by any stretch of the imagination, but I know the difference between a rainbow trout and a catfish, and that’s because through the years I’ve fished a lot. 

But this morning, an impartial witness would have sworn that I’m a rookie who couldn’t catch a trout in an aquarium with a fishing net.
The first cast and my line turned into a rat’s nest. I couldn’t have tied better knots with an instruction manual. 

I was trying to untangle the mess, while all around me trout flopped out of the water like trained dolphins. If the wind had been blowing, I could easily have blamed the snafu on that, but it was still as a crypt. 

I had to cut the leader off with my pocket knife and start from scratch.
There was a Great Blue Heron on the far bank getting ready to catch his breakfast, and I thought I heard him chuckle at my misfortune. It was a good thing for him that I’m not that good a hunter either. 

Last year, I usually caught trout soon after I started fishing but not this time. Experience has taught me that if I don’t get any action on one fly, I try another one until I figure out what they have an appetite for. 

I tried wet flies, dry flies, streamers and nymphs. At one point, I got so desperate I would have used a stick of dynamite if I’d had one.
In the past I’ve said, “It’s not the fish, but the fishing that’s important,” but I was lying. I wanted to catch a fish.

I lost five flies in the three hours I spent on the water. Last year, I didn’t lose five flies total. 
The morning was getting away from me, and I had afternoon appointments, so I headed toward the truck. I kept casting as I slowly made my way down stream. 
All of a sudden, wham! A rainbow struck, and I landed it. I removed the barbless hook and released it in the swift current. It was all I could do to keep from kissing that fish before I let it go.

My luck has changed, I thought triumphantly as I smiled to myself. The next cast hung on a rock in the middle of the river and I lost another fly.
I reeled my line in and headed for the truck before I fell in the river. Sometimes you just have to know when to quit.


  1. Gotta say Mr Rick, I sure did enjoy this post. I chuckled all the way through. Gotta know when to fish or cut bait, as my Daddy would say.
    Sounds like a lovely day all in all. A keeper of a day!

  2. Anonymous9:58 PM

    well...oh dear...Rick! still you caught one fish even with the line snafu, lost flies and falling in! hey sounds like a normal day of fishing to me ;-)

  3. You could have been taking out a gallbladder with me....wait, this will really make your day look good..I also removed a prostate. Yep, it was a fine day on the river this morning!

  4. I had to smile at the thought of you wanting to toss dynamite in the water. That's one way to catch a fish. :)

    You're a wise one.

  5. Perseverance prevails! :-)

    Yay for you! Take care

  6. Oh my goodness I have to say I giggled a bit too reading this. Because it was funny but because I can sympathize with you. I love to fish and have a lifetime fishing license, but, that does not mean I'm any good at it. I've had similar experiences, too many to count and I usually never get off the bank.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I'm sorry to say this made me laugh. I'm no fisherman by any stretch of the imagination - in fact, I probably would have landed with a splash in the river. But even with the bad luck it sounded like a gorgeous morning.

  9. lol that was funny. It reminds me of all the wires around my computer No matter how many times I unwind them they managed to stay all tangled.They have a will of their own like your fishing line.
    I sure would love to have a go at making some of these flies though.
    Almost makes you want to fish again :)


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