Saturday, September 08, 2012

A Change In the Weather

Our great nephew Stone had a game today, so Jilda and I decided to go.
Just before we left, Jilda flipped on the weather channel to check out the forecast. The weatherman was pointing to a glob red and green stuff drifting south like soft icing on a warm cake. This usually means we're going to get wet, or blown to South Carolina.
As Jilda put finishing touches on her makeup, I loaded our canvas chairs, a case of water, and a parasol into the Volvo.
It was overcast when we left, but by the time we got to the park, the clouds had parted and the sun was hotter than a microwave.
Off in the distance, clouds piled on the horizon like dirty laundry, and before we left, the temperature began to drop.
Tonight, the wind out of the west was much cooler. I’m not ready to break out the long handles, but this evening when I stepped down to the apple tree to spread a scoop or corn for the deer, I realized my shirt wasn’t damp as if I’d just ran the first leg of a marathon.
I finished reading the second of two of the books on writing so far, and it’s obvious why they come highly recommended.
Inspiration is a subtle business. You can read the best instructions in the world, but the words fall like barren seeds on a fertile field, unless they resonate. So far, these have resonated. 
Tomorrow we’re going to visit a new friend that Jilda met in the treatment room. The woman is going through a hard time right now, and needs some positive energy in her life.
Have a blessed weekend.


  1. i love how you write - i love how you think.

    Q: Is Jilda pronounced with an H as in Hilda, but spelled as in a spanish 'H', J? or is it J as in Jill-dah? Just want to say it correctly as I read it.

    thanks -

    I'm sure your energy will be appreciated.

  2. Anonymous7:09 AM

    Well, Jilda is certainly the gal to take positive energy to someone.

  3. Our hopes and prayers are always with the people in pain.
    This is a darn illness as is alzheimers and parkinsons.So many are afflicted.

  4. Our weather has changed to fall. It was almost 60 yesterday..Love it! I'm glad you weren't blown away and I know you'll bring all the good energy the woman needs. Have a good week!


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