Saturday, September 29, 2012

Autumn Daisies

We set out just before lunch today for a memorial service.  Jilda's friend from the treatment room passed away earlier in the week and her service was today.
We left in plenty of time to get there early and visit with the family because Jilda had a yoga training class that started in the afternoon and we knew we'd probably have to leave the service before it ended.
On the way over we encountered a funeral. If you live in the south, you probably know this means  you stop your car until the procession passes.
No problem, it only takes a few minutes, but we hadn't gone a mile until we came up on another funeral. Again we stopped.
Less than a mile later, another. All in all, we encountered eight funerals, but we only had to stop seven times, as one of the funerals was awaiting police escorts and was just sitting there.
We pulled into the funeral home just as the service started so we didn't to speak with the family, before we had to leave.
I dropped Jilda off at the training center and I headed home. Fortunately a friend of ours was attending the class too, so Jilda caught a ride with her.
I had little on my calendar so I rolled the windows down and took the scenic route home. It's been cool this week, but the rain is moving in and it got warm this afternoon.
On a long stretch of county road, I came upon what seemed to be miles of yellow daisies on the roadside. I slowed to let some cars behind me pass, and I pulled off to take a few pictures.
Nothing says fall like autumn daisies.


  1. Such a well written expose of your Saturday! I could see it all so vividly. Thank you! I love Autumn flowers. Their tones are perfect for the lighting that comes from late sunrises to early sundowns.

  2. Oh I always pull over too. I am sorry about your friend. They are beautiful flowers. B


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