Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I had a routine colonoscopy this morning, so much of the day has been a blur. I remember chatting with the nurses just before the procedure about being being drafted and then suddenly I felt a little light headed. And then the lights went out completely.
A few seconds later (or so it seemed) I was in the recovery room trying to get my sweat pants on. That would have been an amusing piece of video.
Once home I hit the couch and slept for most of the afternoon. My head still feels like it's full of gauze soaked in cold mollasses.
I'm guessing I'll sleep tonight.


  1. That a prcedure I dream about...kidding. Every one I know has reacted differently. glad you got to rest.

  2. I don't think I could ever think about a colonoscopy as "routine." Good you slept through it though!

  3. You poor guy! Have had that experience, too. I keep a white board to-do list; every now and then, my grown daughter writes "Schedule colonoscopy" just to be funny. I tell her that she will get hers some day.

  4. Medical tests are upsetting. Have a good sleep.

  5. Yes, I agree, BLUR is an appropriate title. Feel better soon.

  6. Oh my goodness! Rest, rest, rest! Take care

  7. I do hope it was a good sleep after something like that~

  8. Ouch! Just thinking about it.
    Glad its over

  9. Good for you for doing a test that everyone hates. It's really not that bad once the day before prep is over! I like to think of it as one way to lose 7lbs really fast! Also one way to get a long nap in. (although I seem to manage that quite nicely on Sunday afternoons!..I just need that 7lb weight loss and I'd be in heaven)


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