Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's Here

I interviewed an older guy today that I've known for most of my life. His daughter called me last night and asked if I'd come and capture his story.
It seems he has terminal cancer and it sounds like his time is short. I took my recorder, and got him to tell his story.
I was there about 30 minutes before he grew tired. During that time, we laughed a lot, but some of his stories brought tears to my eyes.
He grew up in a house with his parents and eight siblings. He was young during the Great Depression, but he still remembers that life was hard in those years.
He had four kids, of his own, but he lost his oldest son in Vietnam in 1969. "That's something you never get over," he said.
I shot a picture of him before I left and I told him to be well. He said he would love to be well, but he didn't think he would ever be well again.
I've thought about him a great deal today.

On a lighter note, I ordered a new iPhone on Friday the 14th. The confirmation email said they would not ship for at least two weeks, but I got an email Monday saying it had shipped from ZhengZhou, China.
I logged on and began tracking the shipment make it's way toward Empire, Alabama. There was a note on the door when we returned home around lunch.
Our UPS guy normally doesn't run until late afternoon and that's when I expected the phone would arrive, but Apple expedited the order and he brought it early.
We've had this guy for years so he left his cell phone number on the note. He guessed that I'd be anxious to get my hands on the new phone, and he was right.
I called him up and met him as he was making rounds a few miles away.
It took me a while to set the new phone up because I had some cleaning up to do on the old phone. But like most Apple products, the activation of the new device was flawless.
What struck me about the new phone is that it's thinner than my old phone, but it's about 3/4 of an inch bigger and has a bigger screen.
I've had an iPhone for years, but the camera and the screen resolution on the iPhone 5 is incredible. It's also much faster than my old phone.
Jilda shot this photo of me an my new iPhone 5. I posted the pic on Facebook thinking I was probably the first in our area to have one, but I soon learned I thought wrong..


  1. You are funny. Touching story about your friend that is failing fast. Sorry.

    iphone- congrats. I'm sticking with my handy dandy smart-droid.

  2. Surprised my husband hasn't ordered one already. I would like to have it simply for the camera as my iPhone is the only camera I use. It does make you stop and think about the brevity of life here.

  3. Congrats on the new phone! I was moved by the story of the man who is dying. I'm glad you could interview him before he passes. I'm sure he was pleased to tell his life story to someone.

  4. Yay for you new iphone!!

    Glad you got to interview this amazing man too! Take care

  5. So glad you were privileged enough to record your friend. That will mean so much to the both of you.

  6. What a nice photo of you. You're a cutie pie. Jilda has good taste. You sure received your phone quickly. Isn't that better than camping out at a store for days? I don't understand the people who do that.



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