Sunday, September 30, 2012

An Old Rainy Day

I've spent the day wrapping up loose ends. Jilda was in a training class this afternoon so I had the house to myself.
Rain moved in from the southwest and began to rattle the metal roof just after lunch. I would have been easy to have spent the afternoon napping, but I had several little things nagging.
I caught up on my reading, I wrote an overdue letter, and I filed some correspondance. I also went through our financial documents and credit card statements over the last quarter and entered them into our financial spreadsheet.
It's not stimulating work, but it's something that can get away from you if you don't stay on top of it. It was perfect work for an old rainy day.


  1. And a perfect start for October! Take care

  2. Her in BC the days are shorter but someone forgot to tell the weatherman that we should also be having rain.
    So far we can't complain with the warm weather and otherwise sunny days.


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