Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Phone is in the Mail

I pre-ordered an iPhone 5. My old iPhone is several years old and while it still works, the screen is beginning to show signs of age.

The new phones are faster when it comes to surfing the internet, accessing apps, etc. But it's the camera that interests me. The phone I have now takes great pictures, but the specs on the new iPhone are incredible.

It won't ship for two weeks, so it looks like I'll take delivery sometime after the first of October. I must say I'm excited.

I plan to take my old iPhone and donate it to the program that provides phones for servicemen being deployed overseas.

I've written three posts tonight, but they all seemed lame, so I deleted each of them and started anew.
Keeping things fresh is not alway easy.  I'm not sure how some bloggers do it.

In December I will celebrate my seventh year as a blogger. For the most part, I've blogged every day. There were times we lost power that I could not post. There were a few times when were traveling to places without access to the Internet that I couldn't post. And then last year when tornadoes raked Alabama and we didn't have power for almost two weeks, there were days I didn't post. But if we had juice, and a wireless connection, I put something out there.

It stands to reason that there will be off nights. It is my intention that the off nights will be few and far between.


  1. I heard the new phone is very cool. I just got the iPhone 4s not long ago and have no idea how to use half of the options. My husband just bought the new ipad for work but I haven't asked if the 5 is also on his wishlist.
    I used to try to blog more often but time doesn't allow.
    Enjoy your new toy and tell us all about it when you get it.

  2. I hope you'll love your new phone. Please let us know when you get it. I don't think you ever have an off night, Rick. I'm impressed that you've been a blogger for seven years.


  3. Just so you know, I read every post you publish and enjoy them all. Hope you write a bit more about using your new iphone5 when it arrives, especially the internet part (and yes, the camera part too). Thanks.

  4. New phone?!?! Yay!! Not that I'd know of course... (I don't have one and never will)! LOL!!

    Hope you continue to enjoy blogging!

    Take care

  5. My phone is sooooo's a simple flip phone (NO, it's not a jitterbug!) I'm very tekkie deprived! I hope you enjoy your new one and can take really cool pics too. Congrats on the blogging. I enjoy reading your posts and I like your writing style. Have a great week!

  6. oh yes please continue writing and posting. thank you for your nice compliment on my poem. thank you.

  7. I just mailed off two phones too to the servicemen. My daughters gave them to me. Nice program.

    I have never blogged to just blog or to put something out there. This year has been a prime example. The passed two years I had 286 posts each year, but this year only 85 so far. Mostly it was being sick, but sometimes there just isn't anything so I don't. Funny wonderful thing tho' - as long as my pals on the 'net know I am okay, but not posting they are there when I finally get back around with a post. Anyway - I keep the blog for a journal of our lives, our family so we can look back and laugh, remembering - but I am kind of failing on that this year. heehee

    Enjoy your new iPhone. I bet it's spiffy. I wonder if the 6 is in production yet?


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