Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Autumn has been dry here until the rain moved through a few days ago. The leaves were nice, but it seems they were waiting for rain.
Today as Jilda and I rode back from Birmingham, the sun played hide-and-seek behind ragged gray clouds. Each turn on the last few miles of our county road arboreal parade. The color was simply stunning.
A few times I wanted to stop, but there were cars behind me with no place to get off the side of the road, so I took a mental picture instead.
Even our ancient oak that is slow to turn green in spring, and even slower to turn red in autumn, is beginning to give in. Walking the next few days should be amazing.
I've run out of steam tonight. Y'all have a remarkable Thursday.


  1. Sounds lovely. The weather here, too, turned cooler today. There was a nice little "crisp" to the air. Very refreshing. Now if only we could figure out how to get the fall color here the way you all do!

  2. Thanks and you too Enjoy the colors while you can

  3. Lovely! What a shame you couldn't stop to enjoy the colours! Take care

  4. I have been enjoying the colors here as well. I just pull over (when possible) and take iPhone pictures. I really thought with the drought we had, the fall would be dry and dead but after some rain catch-up, it is the prettiest one in a long time. The coldest too! It is going to be a cold winter in Missouri.

  5. the colors up here have been brilliant. That is until the double nor'easter wiped the branches bare. That is, on the trees that were left standing...


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