Monday, November 05, 2012

Dappled Morning Light

I finished the book Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. She self narrates the audio book and I loved what she had to say.
In listening to her words, I learned that even though she is a successful writer, she still struggles with many of the same demons, voices, and thoughts that I feel when I try to write.
Some days it's like I'm wrestling a lard-coated monkey that's cranked up on Red Bull energy drinks. I hear the voice of a reproving teacher who hates her job, and thinks that all kids are a waste of good oxygen. But then I realize, the voice is only in my head.
Some days writing is as easy as floating down a lazy river on an inner tube on a warm June day. Those days are the reason I continue to write.
Today was a monkey day, but Jilda bailed me out by suggesting we take a walk. I'm glad she did because down by the barn I captured a moment when dappled morning light danced on  a young maple.


  1. Oh Rick! Do not EVER doubt your writing ability. NEVER. I find your work excellent! Always a sheer delight.

  2. Writers always have good and bad days like every one else.
    So it's good to stop and get inspiration somewhere else to juice yourself up lol
    As for teachers I had a few like that and they made me very angry. Some talked under their noses like in history class and all you did was want to sleep because they sounded like hypnotists others would come in and put their feet on the table and read the paper telling you to teach yourself.
    They got a salary for that. But although some kids may e a waste of oxygen some teachers (protected by unions) have no business to teach.


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