Saturday, November 03, 2012

Lake Empire in the Evening

Jilda and I have had a really productive week here on the homefront. We've both embraced the idea of simplifying and we've been brutal.
What we've done would not be apparent to the casual observer, but we had so much stuff packed in closets, under beds, and in cabinets.
Walking through today it seems our house can breath a little better. When we open a cabinet, nothing launches out at us like bats from a cave.
The flow in our house is more feng shui'sh. It's also becoming easier to keep clean. I'm not sure why this time was different that all the other times we set our jaws and said we were going to de-clutter.
All I know is that it feels right.
This evening, we went to the thrift store bins to dump a load of stuff for other people to enjoy. Afterwards, we picked up a few perennials to plant around out fire-pit. On the way home I stopped by and snapped this photograph.
I actually shot a picture a few weeks ago standing in this same spot, but I shot it at 10 a.m. and the sun was coming over the hill.
This afternoon, the sun was in the west and it highlighted this slash of color between the sky and Lake Empire.
If we get a little rain over the next few days, the color will be even more stunning. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


  1. Elvis Aaron Schwarz doesn't understand why I don't have canisters and other "stuff" on my kitchen counters. I hope he'll come to see that life is easier without crap in the way. Congratulations on simplifying your lives.


  2. Great pic of the lake and fall at it's best. Our color is long gone and the air has gone from the "crisper" to the freezer. Congrats on decluttering your home. I'm trying my best. Today my hubby cleaned out his old van and it's leaving for not so green pastures but I guess that's a form of declutter...right?

  3. Good for you and Jilda! Last year we got rid of about 1/3 of our stuff, and we have not missed a single item. :)
    The joys of a half-empty closet are not to be dismissed lightly.

  4. Rick,

    The picture is inspiring as is your action to de-clutter. It gives me a little more motivation to do the same around our house.

  5. Nothing like simplifying to make the breathing easier!!! I totally approve!!!!


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