Sunday, November 11, 2012

Good and Bad

I built a fire in the fire pit last night, and I invited out guests outside to sit while the charcoal for the steaks heated up.
We grabbed our guitars and a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, and headed outside. The wind out of the west was cool, but and the sky was cloudless, and the stars looked like rhinestones on black velvet.. It's been a while since I've had a good look at the night sky. The stars were brilliant.
Our friend Wes is a songwriter too and each time we get together, we always bounce our new songs off each other.
After we played our stuff, we broke into Country Road, and other John Denver songs which I'm thinking are probably the most played sing-a-long songs in history.
After a while our guitars fell silent, and we sat for a long time just enjoying the evening, the company, and the ambiance.
Sitting there watching the gentle flames under the mesh screen was more intoxicating than wine. I found myself imagining what it was like when the only think between cave dwellers was a few crude tools, and the flickering of a simple fire.
We ate dinner inside and talked for a long while. It had all the ingredients for a perfect evening, but Jilda got ill.   It wasn't the wine because she rarely drinks.
I'm not sure what causes the nausea, but it has something to do with the infusion treatments she takes monthly. Our guests went to bed, but Jilda and I were up most of the night with her in the bathroom. I feel so helpless. The only think I can do is to fetch cool compresses, and chipped ice.
I really wish we could figure out what's causing the episodes.
She's rested today, and hopefully she'll sleep tonight. But Wednesday, she has another treatment, and the cycle starts all over.


  1. Rick - So sorry to hear Jilda is having such a tough time of it. Hope this next cycle goes better.

    Your session with your friend Wes, bouncing songs off of each other, reminded me of a story about how Johnny Cash used to host what he called "guitar pulls" at his house.

    He and his friends, like Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson would sit around and bounce new songs off each other. Oh, to have been a fly on those walls!

    Talk about good times! :)

  2. Prayers for both you and Jilda

  3. Sending prayers and positive thoughts for Jilda. She is the dearest.

  4. Oh Jilda! :-( I am so sorry! I hope she's feeling a little better today.

    Take care

  5. I feel your pain and helplessness, my prayers and positive thoughts to you and Jilda. email to follow

  6. Thanks all. She is feeling better today. Thank goodness it's normally short-lived.
    We've described the situation to her doctor and hopefully she can help with a solution.
    Thanks Rob for the email. We will look into what you suggested.


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