Friday, November 16, 2012


I haven't had a Hostess Twinkie in years and when I read the news today that the company was going out of business, I had an instant craving for one.
I kept asking myself, why on earth had I not been buying them all along. The company's going under, their employees will be unemployed for Christmas, and it's my fault. What was I thinking.
When I was in the Army in Panama, we were on an outpost on the Atlantic side of the canal. Over the weekends, we lived out of vending machines.
One of the most frequently pushed buttons on that machine was Hostess Twinkie's  I must have eaten a thousand of them.
What's interesting is that we also had beer vending machines, and they were the same prices as Cokes.
The machines had buttons for all kinds of beer but the Bud, Miller, and Papst were always out. Thank goodness you could always count on Hamms.
I know when viewed through the lens of reason, a modicum of knowledge about nutrition, that it might seem like Hostess Twinkie's and Hamms Beer are an unfortunate choice of snacks, but stuck off at the edge of Central America, a million miles away from home, beer and Twinkie's were the perfect comfort food.
When I got out of the Army I hooked back up with my high school sweetheart, who just happens to be my lovely wife.
We eloped on May 5th 1974 and got married on the front porch of a house trailer in Brewton, Alabama. 
We were on our way to spend our honeymoon at the beach. We got married in the early afternoon, and when we left the preacher's house. We stopped at a mom & pop convenience store just south of town and bought a couple of Hostess Twinkie's. We parked under the shade of a giant oak, pulled a chilled bottle of Boones' Farm Strawberry Hill wine from the cooler in the back seat, ate our Twinkie's, and with red plastic cups we toasted our future together.
I will miss my Twinkie's RIP Hostess 11-16-2012


  1. Yea, I'll miss them, too...haven't had one in years but they are a piece of nostalgia forever gone :(

  2. I'll greatly miss those wonderful treats too! I haven't thought about Boones Farm wine in years. It was the drink my crowd enjoyed in my 20's. Thanks for bringing back some memories!

  3. I hate Twinkies and always have, but Good Lord, how could they do away with Ding-Dongs?


  4. Hey Janie, have you ever snorted a Twinkie. You haven't lived until you do that.
    I can't believe that another company would buy the business.

  5. I've never snorted a Twinkie nor have I snorted anything else, but sometimes when I laugh snot squirts out my nose (I have allergies; that's my story and I'm sticking to it).



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