Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Feng Shui

I use the term Feng Shui as if we were old friends having a brew-sky at Bubba's Bar and Bicycle Shop, but in fact, I know very little about it.
I do know that it originated a long time ago in China or somewhere on the other side of the world, and that a lot of scientists think it's a bunch of hooey.
But hey, those same scientists are spouting off a lot of compost about climate change and global warming so what do they know.
I like the way Feng Shui rolls off the tongue when you drop the term at a dinner party, especially when people are cranked up on Russian hooch and hot wings.
....Yes, I've implemented Feng Shui at our beach house and the chi there is devine. You can party for days there and never have a hangover.
Oh, REALLY? I must have some of that for my place. Tell me, do they sell it at Walmart?
Most of my friends balk when you tell them they'll have to buy bonsai trees, move their big screen TV's, and lose the Bark--Lounger.
All I really know is this: Jilda and I are ridding ourselves of a lot of junk. We can now walk through out cottage without banging our shins on Nordic Trac's or tripping over hoola hoops. We'll call it Feng Shui until we come up with a better term.


  1. I've done some Feng Shui to my house. And lately I've done A LOT of decluttering and purging. Not only does the house look better, but it actually feels lighter. I also plan on burning sage through the house to rid it of any negative energy.

  2. I just read Jilda's post about her recurring dream with her parent's taking her through a new house...hmmmm...she doesn't need anyone to interpret it, she just needs to read your post! I think all that decluttering is influencing her dreams!

  3. Ha ha that was a funny way to put it across! yeah I feel decluttering to allow better energy flow is the best way to describe fung shui! :)What I know is fung shui is the science and art of placing. Of course a browse would give me more clarity. But btw ur mention of global warming prompts me to share my recent post with u and invite ur view http://jerlyt.blogspot.in/2012/11/chemtrails-what-could-they-be-for.html

  4. I'm all for feng-shui decluttering!! Go for it!!! Take care

  5. BUrning sage sounds like a great idea, opening windows, letting fresh air in.Decluttering is good.Moving is good to a bigger place where clutter is not seen and building an extention is good to make more space as is a sun room
    to work in.
    I am waiting to give stuff to my kids but you can't give much to one in Australia and the other isn't going anywhere for a long time yet.
    He is our baby and we love having him around.Organization is the key word around here. lol

  6. Anonymous6:18 PM

    I really need to feng-shui my writing desk. ;)


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