Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I worked in my day planner this morning, updating goals, and my calendar for the rest of this year and the first quarter of next year.
I'd ordered refills for 2013 back in August when they first went on sale. So today, I broke out the first quarter and clipped them into the leather planner.
I have calendars, TODO, reminders, and all kinds of software to help me be more productive, but there's something comforting about sitting down with paper, colored pens, and thinking about what I need to do for the next several months.
You can't doodle in the margins of your iPhone. The phone's design is great, but I feel like I think better, and make more thorough planning decisions, when I work with paper.
I'll always rely on my gadgets to help keep me on track, but where there's thinking required, I'll turn to paper.


  1. Rick! hi!

    hmmmmm, not me. i leave all my planning in my smart-droid. well, calendar anyway. however, i do keep and pen and spiral notebook right next to my computer, so i guess i do use paper.

    ya got me a thinking, that's for sure.


  2. I think many from our generation and older feel the same way. There's just something so satisfying and tempting about being presented with a blank piece of paper - whether it's a fresh calendar day or a journal page. I, too, rely on my phone a lot, but I do love the written record. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. I've finally started using an electronic diary - but I still have my paper one too. That will never break down :-)

  4. Haaa.a...doodling in the margins is prime. Happy Thanksgiving.


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