Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Jilda wasn't feeling well Sunday so I went to our monthly songwriter's group meeting alone. It's the first one she's missed and I felt a little out of sync without her.
We start each meeting with each of the participants singing a new song (or one that no one's heard before). I love this because it puts a little gentle peer pressure on us to write new material each month.
When it comes to writing songs, neither Jilda nor I are as disciplined as we are writing other things. But since the groups been meeting, we've written more which is a good thing.
We also discuss ways to get better, how to be better on stage, and how to write stronger songs that have a broader appeal.
In looking back at successful songs throughout history, the ones that seem to resonate, have lyrics that touch a nerve. They somehow speak to the times. Bob Dylan was a master at this, but the list is much to long to go into here. The point is, there is value in finding topics that are important on some level to a lot of people.
I suggested that we Google trends over the past ten years. Everyone thought that was a good idea, so when I got home, I did just that. The first one I looked at (click here to read the entire list) had just what I was looking for.
The first item on the list was Connection
Over the last decade, ownership of cell phones has grown from 97 million subscribers to 293 million subscribers. Ten years ago, no one had ever heard of Facebook. If people wanted to interact, the online choices were limited.
These days people chat, text, Facebook, share pictures, videos, music and so many other life experiences. People all over the world are connected into impromptu communities.
The point, as far as subject matter for a song, is not about technology, but our longing to be connected to something or someone. After all, that's why we blog.
I think a song about the yearning to be a part of something bigger could be one of those songs that resonate with a broader audience.
Anyhow, one of the other members of our songwriting group loves the idea and wants to get started on the song as soon as possible.
Have a look at the list above and see if it gives you an idea for a blog entry.

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  1. Songs last forever - social networking is ephemeral. Hope Jilda is ok! Take care


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