Wednesday, June 05, 2013

A Game We Play

Jilda and I often play a game when we travel. It’s called what do they do for a living? We take a random couple and without asking them any questions, we have to guess what they do for a living.
It’s a fun game that often ends up deep in right field in the tall grass, but that’s what we do.
We did that today. We saw a couple on the beach. He was rotund and she had big hair. I guessed that he was a coach and she was a healthcare. 
Jilda guessed that he was a plumber and that she was a teacher. Normally, she’s very good at this game, but not today.
As it turns out, they were trying to take a photograph of themselves and I asked if they’d like me to shoot the picture of them.
They were grateful. Just for kicks, I asked where they were from. As it turns out, they were from Georgia. He was a police officer in a small community and she was a nurse.
Chalk 1/2 point up for the home team. 
Tomorrow, we’ll be back to our regular posting schedule.


  1. LOL- I love fun games like that- I make up stories about people we see like that to make MyHero laugh- xo Diana

  2. I love those games, we play them in the car all the time. :)

  3. That's cool Rick... I'm pretty sure most people would never guess I worked in payroll;-)

  4. Oh that's a fun game to play. lol
    I'd always be wrong. lol

  5. I'm terrible at guessing things like that. I always ALWAYS way off.

  6. Oh I love that game but I'd never have the courage to actually ask! LOL!! Take care

  7. That's cute. I like to invent conversations that people might be having.


  8. Thanks all for your kind words. Jilda and I just rolled back in from our Cruise to the Bahamas. It was a fun trip, but we are beat.

  9. Wait..big hair=health care??? I'm flattening my hair as I type! Ha! Good guessing and a fun game. I'll have to try this one!

    1. Did I mention the stethoscope around her neck :)
      It's a fun game. You can pull out all the stereotypes.


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