Thursday, June 20, 2013

We have our porch back

We have our screened porch back now. Late last summer when we built shelves for our laundry/TV room, we moved our old TV cabinet out to the screened porch. It was a temporary arrangement....or so we thought.
It's a nice piece of furniture so we felt certain one of our nieces or nephews would love to have it. But after asking for the measurements all of them said, "Our TV won't fit in it." 
We don't spend a great deal of time watching TV and I knew we were late adopters when it came to upgrading our TV, but no one we talked to had a TV that would fit in our cabinet.
So, on the screened porch it sat. 
What's interesting is that it changed the entire feng shui of the porch, and I no longer enjoyed sitting out there writing.
Last week we finally hooked up with a lady that refinishes furniture and she said she'd love to have the cabinet. She showed up today with her husband and picked up the piece. 
They hadn't made it out of the driveway before I'd put classical music on the stereo and poked the B speakers switch with my index finger, which put music on the porch.
Soon I was hosing off pollen, cleaning the tables, chairs and glider. 
When Jilda rolled into the driveway and walked toward the house, she could see the old feng shui was back.
This evening I sat out there for a while with the ceiling fan flapping a gentle breeze that tinkled the chimes hanging from alcoves created by the supports. The fountain on the outside walk gurgled like a lonesome brook. 
I watched the waning moments of the sun setting in the west, and for the first time in almost a year, all felt right with the world. 


  1. Wonderful word pictures.

  2. Isn't it wonderful when you get things in order and you can enjoy your area again:)

  3. Glad you got your groove back. Your "new" old porch perfect.

  4. It's amazing what happens when something is not where it should be. It throws us off our regular routine.
    I have that sort of thing going on at my place too. I'm glad that your Feng Shui is back.

  5. Sounds delightful...I'll be right over!

  6. Glad you have your feng-shui back!!! Enjoy your porch! Take care

  7. Ah, that's lovely. Sometimes I'm sorry that the people who lived here before me made the screened-in porch into an entryway with two huge closets. At some point, I hope to screen in my deck.


  8. ya our tv's are always on even when we are not watching them for back ground noise I guess
    Was nicer when we didn't have to pay for programs but when you pay you watch. lol
    One sports, one news and one old movies.
    It's nice when they are turned off.


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