Thursday, June 13, 2013

Why I Blog

I attended an Alabama Media Professionals Meeting today and the speaker was Javacia Harris Bowser. She had a very inspirational program and one of the topics was blogging.

Several of the people said they have blogs but most of them only post occasionally. When I mentioned that I'd been blogging every day since December of 2005, it took some folks by surprise.
One woman asked me what my blog was about. I had a hard time answering that question because it really depends on what's going on in my life at the moment. 
My blog-buddy Fishducky articulated it nicely a few days ago when she commented: "You always make me feel like it's just the two of us sitting together & having a cup of coffee...I love it!!"
I was flattered by her kind words, and today when trying to explain what my blog is about, I said, "It's a conversation between my friends and me."
After all, very few of us are doing this for money. If that were the case, I'd weigh a lot less because there would be little food on the table. 
I think we're doing this because it gives us an opportunity to have a richer conversation than you would normally have on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms.
Blogging is also a great way to develop ideas for longer pieces. Most of my newspaper columns come from the seeds planted here. 
I've talked to many successful writers and one of the first things most of them told me was if I wanted to get better at the craft, I had to write. I took them at their word.
So that's why I blog.


  1. My hat is off to you for blogging everyday for so long. You do have good conversations here, Rick. I like hearing them. No matter what the subject is. It's good honest talk.

  2. Hope you got sun screen on that shiny spot on top of your head. lol
    Honestly, the vacation looks good on you.

    1. I should drive up there and box your ears mister :)

  3. You speak from the heart but with a level head, good attitude, and good 'ol Southern charm! I blog as a journal for my family, but I'm finding more and more I blog also for the wonderful people I've met in blogland...I don't post daily, but do try to get atleast one a week in! I'm usually posting about family things or work things, but I'm tempted to do some posts on more "meaty" subjects that interest me...however, I hesitate to get political or we'll see, but in the mean time I'll just sit back and continue to enjoy your hospitality!

  4. Yes it is nice to share with people a little of yourself and see what people do with their lives.
    So much going on out there with Moms and kids and adults and seniors
    Its nice to see people can have opinions and also give them
    and who knows, even be able to help someone out once in a while with a thought.

  5. I look forward to seeing your blog come up on my blog roll every day Rick! I think if someone loves to write this is a wonderful forum. I started blogging when my daughter urged me to do so. She knew I love to write and said this would be a wonderful outlet. She was correct.
    Keep 'em coming and thanks for the party!

  6. I started writing to give myself a voice... I continue to write because it's cathartic..

    I love what the blogging world has done for me, you are right Rick... we gain so much more through this community..and I become more in tuned each day I write:)

  7. "A conversation between my friends and me"...I think you said it perfectly sir!

  8. Rick, I like reading your blog because you have a sence of humor and I like that...I also like your writing style...

    I don't always have time to check your blog however, it depends how much time I can spend on the computer. I give priority to those who comment back on my blog regularly whenever I post.

    I have met so many nice people who live ordinary lives and one thing that I have found is the mutual sharing of our concerns for each others has been a real gift. I hurt when they hurt and I rejoice when they are dancing for joy. I try to uplift their spirit when they are down and they uplift me when I am down.
    The more heartfelt comment I give, the more I receive and that's what keeps me blogging.
    I always check my friend's blogs and leave comments even when I'm not posting. After all it's a conversation and I need feedback.
    Have a great day.

  9. And it's a very nice way to meet people in other parts of the world that you would normally not have met.

    Do you ever have a "blog dip"? (Because I have one for the past couple of weeks now) Or is it just easy to write?

  10. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Pour me another cup of coffee, Rick--I'm going to be here for a long time!!

  11. Well said! Yes it's nice to get little snippets of other's lives from all parts of the world. I am grateful for my regular readers and love sharing their lives. Lovely photo too by the way!

  12. Excellent answers, Rick.

  13. Therapy. Blogging helps me more than any therapist ever has. Maybe that's why my blog can get a little strange.


  14. Yep! I blog to rub elbows with my fellow writers and to share my journey ;-)

  15. You are a chatty sort of fellow and I enjoy "hearing" your voice via your writing. You make me feel comfortable. I blog for different reasons~~I'm more interested in finding a way to express myself and am disappointed that more people don't find me all that interesting. In the end, I guess blogging has become a journal of my mental adventures, however boring they may be.

  16. Of all the blogs I started reading 6 years ago there are only two still going - and they are both from bloggers in Alabama!!

    It takes discipline to blog every day.

    Reading back a couple of days I snorted with laugher about the young guy who said he didn't need an editor. Sure.....

    Well done Rick!! Keep up the good work.

    ms Soup

    1. Thanks Brenda. You were my first follower on this blog.

  17. I think I started that same year Rick. And it takes discipline to blog everyday and still be here this many years later. I know you are well loved here too.

    I think I blog because it just makes me feel good and I hope to spread that to others! lol

    Happy Father's Day!

  18. "Blogging every day since December 2005." This is very inspiring to me. Thanks, Rick.


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